Let’s Talk Love: How To Attract The Right Man ~ Kute Blackson


The timeless question lol 🙂 I saw this comment from one of my friends on fb about this video and it rang SO true to me… Goddess energy is alive 🙂

“So many times I see strong beautiful wonderful sisters still feeling they are incomplete without a guy, still talking & working on how & where to catch the right guy… & of course its not that they dont deserve a gorgeous guy by their side! but to my mind they are going about it the wrong way.

The more fulfilled we are in ourselves, the more chances we have a meeting a man who reflects that wholeness back to us. If we are coming from a place of neediness then the guys we attract will only serve to mirror our incompleteness back to us.

The work on ourselves is the only work we ever need to do to get anything we want.

Goddesses don’t chase, they magnetise!

Kute says all this with such inspiring love & passion, as he always does 🙂 “


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Love: How To Attract The Right Man ~ Kute Blackson

    1. Thank you for stopping by, much love to you ❤


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