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Loc Care: To Trim Or Not To Trim? Big Question!

This is a double-sided topic for me because I’ve met people who have trimmed their locs almost religiously every month/6 months/year/etc and swear by it for making their locs look healthy… Then I know a few locers who have never touched a pair of scissors in their whole loc life and still have locs that are gorgeous!

In my routine, I have trimmed many times over the years – for removing double-headed dragons (when my locs joined at the root ย and had two heads), for unravelling ends, for a different length as it was getting too long and heavy when washed…. you name it, I had a reason for it! I liked to cut and trim my locs into shape and would trim off a few inches at a time.

A friend once told me that like a plant, you need to trim off the “dead” ends in order for the energy/growth to fully happen, to help the plant look and thrive in a healthy way. I liked that description… locs are our plants ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you want to trim your locs?

I don’t want to trim…

I believe to trim or not to trim is a personal choice! The main thing about locing is to keep your locs clean, moisturised and healthy ๐Ÿ™‚


I want to trim… What can you expect when you do trim your locs?

I suggest to first wait until your locs are a little mature or near the end of their teenage stage so your locs already will not unravel on their own!

If you have never trimmed your locs and are thinking about it… here are some things to consider! I gathered these tips from my own experiences and from discussions with other who do trim over the years… enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

How about the Lisa-Bonet-Locs-Look?

She was the first locer that came to mind lol… What I mean by this is that the loc ends can become like loose unraveled hair in some cases… Now we love Lisa’s locs for this, she always has been a loc idol for me – but I know many people would prefer to have their loc ends as rounded tips instead. And not everyone will have loc ends that look like Lisa’s because of our different textures (looser textures may unravel more). And sometimes, unraveling ends don’t happen until after a few washes (this happens to me)…. the list goes on as every locer is an individual! But one of the main things to keep in mind about trimming is the possibility that this could unravel your loc ends afterwards.

Quick Tip – The Tester!

The Loc Trim Tester! Try a tiny loc and see what it looks like first!

I say dip your toe in and see what happens if you plan to trim – If you are thinking about it, maybe try to trim a little (I mean 1-2cm max little lol!) off one or two locs in a more hidden place (like at the back hairline) to see what it may look like after a few washes. Read on for more info!

Loose Unraveled Loc Ends…

โœ” I Like This! ๐Ÿ™‚ – How to manage the loose loc ends

For those of you who don’t mind or even want this loc end look, I’ve seen tutorials of people who have unraveled their loc ends on purpose (1-3 inches) to get the loose texture at the bottom. I even came across a link a few years ago where a locer added loose hair extensions to the ends of her locs to get this effect! I wish I could find these links now lol – especially with the locer who unraveled her own ends and had cute curls at the end. It was beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will try to locate them and post up if I do find them.

Keeping your kinky curly loose loc ends defined!

I have my loose loc ends quite thick… I like the look of the loose ends because of my previous trims. Just like loose hair, loose loc ends need to be maintained if you want to keep definition.

An easy way to do this is to wet or spritz the ends and put aloe vera (or any other defining light product) on the ends of each loose loc end and gently twirl the ends with your fingers individually a few times. This defines the ends and in some textures, may even bring out and define a curl at the end of your loc. Again, this all depends on your natural hair texture and the amount of loose hair you have at the end.

โœ˜ย I Don’t Like This! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ – How to avoid loose loc ends

Loose loc ends are not for everyone – but you can still trim your locs. Here are some tips on what to do if your loc ends unravel after your trim and how to trim…

Trim at an angle

I have heard from many locers that when they do trim, they will trim each individual loc end at a slant angle (orย at an 75 degree angle)ย so it begins to look like a V-shape. It’s said to unravel less this way than if the loc end was cut straight across.

Crochet your way to a round loc tip!

There is another option to get perfect rounded tips… get handy with a crochet hook! This is a very detailed video but with a little practise, it doesn’t seem as complicated ๐Ÿ™‚

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