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Travelling With Dreadlocks: 5 Things I Observed Over The Years…

Travel is pat of my life and my family – I’ve lived in 5 countries and seen 25 countries and hopefully many more! Since 2001, I’ve had locs and there have been many reactions to them n my journey – let me share my personal thoughts…

I am a travelling yoga teacher and holistic therapist – Between London and Barcelona. Every chance I get, I try to hop on a plane. My whole life has been pretty much related to travel as my parents met on their travels in London back-in-the-day and my family have never stopped since! It’s interesting to see and meet people from different cultures.

We can learn so much from travelling – About our Self, how we see the world and how others see us. Having locs seems to be just one small factor out of many that bring up different reactions along the way ๐Ÿ’›

I still get the silly questions and assumptions…

Questions like – “How do you wash your hair?” – “Do you even wash your hair?” – “Is it real?” – “Do you smoke weed?” – and many more! And there are times when people think I don’t understand their language (like Spanish) and I hear some insults said out loud in front of me…

My reaction to rude comments: I look them dead in the eye and smile. ย I refuse to participate in their negativity and ignorance. Instead, I’ll blast them with a smile and it usually makes them feel embarrassed.

My reaction to questions: I take it as an opportunity to tell them more about my loc care. After all, they asked! Maybe they are genuinely curious or if it is from negative intentions, they usually change their tone quickly.

My reactions to comments like:ย “Hey Rasta!” and Bob Marley hums – I just smile and say “Bless” from the heart. I’m not a Rasta girl but I like to share positive energy whenever it’s present.

There have only been a handful of times that I have experienced this and overall, it hasn’t been a reoccurring issue that has been big enough to stop me from travelling or meeting people from around the world.

I love how easy loc care is for travelling…

Having locs means my hair is already “done”... No need to do much to it if I choose not to. I don’t need to travel with many products either – My usual small case for hair stuff consists of shampoo, natural oil, soft bristle brush and a water spray bottle. They all fit in nicely in a small case. I maintain my locs so looking for a natural hair stylist is not an issue.

Meeting other naturals around the world…

It happens so many times – I’ll be on a bus and a random meeting happens when another natural comes up to me or smiles from across the aisle and we chat. Most recently this has happened in a shopping mall in Berlin, on the beach in Barcelona and when I was clothes shopping in London…

Natural women/men are EVERYWHERE and I love seeing them – even better, meeting them in such a random way!

In many different ways, including with my locs, it reinforces the concept of – Your vibe attracts your tribe! DO YOU and you’ll meet people who support your journey.

Don’t touch my hair!

I think many women/men with loose hair or locs can relate… ย People sometimes think it’s fine to just come forward and touch my locs. My recent experience was during this New Year’s in Barcelona where we were watching the fireworks and the lady behind me just leaned out and tugged my locs. I turned and looked a little shocked. However, I wasn’t going to ruin my night over it! She apologised but the smug look on her face was like she just achieved one of her New Years resolutions already lol! We just moved location quickly.

People will be curious everywhere and want to touch your hair or even your skin! For some people, you may actually be the first person of colour that they have ever come across in their life – and taking pictures is part of the curiosity.

I personally don’t take it badly, even though I am always cautious of who’s energy I am collecting. If there is any negative energy, I usually do my energy exercises to clear the energy – For example: I use mantra for protection to vibrate higher.

Exploring beauty around the world…

What is beauty? What we are taught is “beautiful” in our country/culture is probably “ugly” in another…ย I will give you a personal experience: My body shape/image in Europe is totally different to my African family’s idea of beauty. I have been told by my African family that I am way too thin and women should be “big” to look beautiful – So, I was essentially at the bottom of the beauty pile lol.

Rightly or wrongly, the image of beauty is so different across the world… Many of it can be controversial, like “light skin is more beautiful” or “being super skinny is what the media accepts for models” etc…

I think it’s time to really embrace our own definition of beauty!ย  What makes YOU feel beautiful? What do you love about your body, mind and soul?

One thing travel has taught me is that belief and love of your Self is important.ย Travel will test you to your limits in many ways and having locs can bring up challenges (both positive/negative)… but all with a good lesson behind it! ๐Ÿ’›


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