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Freeform Locs Ebook & Audio Meditation $8.88

Since 2001, I have had thousands of people and questions on the locing journey – and freeforming! Let me share with you  ❤️

I am super excited to FINALLY have my ebook out on January 31st 2018, sharing everything I know about locing – and more specifically, free forming. This also includes: semi-freeforming and fully freeforming… from day 1 of the journey or with mature manicured locs.


ME 2018My Quick Hair History: My hair type is 3C/4A combination. I have been natural for most of my life (except for 2 years when I permed my hair and then grew it out). 1st set of locs 2001-2013, freeforming after putting in my braids and leaving them alone (photos) – I then combed out my freeform locs in 2013 to release old energy and start fresh (Read posts on the comb-out process). A few months later, I returned back to locs, starting with the crochet method and then semi-freeforming. 2018: I return back to freeforming.

Holistic Locs has been a long-term project. Many of you know me from this blog – But I originally started sharing my online thoughts on the locing experience back in 2001, when there wasn’t much information out there (“Dread Connection”). I soon began to also share my journey in my own MSN group page and a few other places. This is where I connected with many natural hair people at the very beginning of my journey. Sadly, these websites have long been taken down – But my passion for sharing still continues. I am forever thankful to the wonderful community at Nappturality, where the forums at the time were thriving with a beautiful community of natural hair explorers. You all inspired me in the early days! And to this day, the growing online natural hair community (on many websites) still inspires me to grow and learn more about my Self.

Fast-forward to 2018 – I am STILL enjoying my locs – I am loving the freeform journey – AND I am ready to share my experiences with you in my new ebook. I also want to add an audio meditation for Self love and Self growth.

What is my definition freeforming? I know there are many labels out there for different locs. I’m not big of labels – I think everyone will have there own take on it and it’s all good! My definition of freeforming (it has stuck with me from sharing with the nature hair community since 2001) is that it is the method of maintaining the roots. So, it doesn’t matter if you are freeforming from day 1 of the locing journey or year 12 – freeforming is when you choose to allow your roots to just BE. In this way, everyone can enjoy freeforming.

This ebook will have a deeper focus on freeform locing. The ebook is about the locing journey – But it will focus on freeforming too. As part of the holistic approach, I will also include an audio meditation and plenty of holistic tips.

My locing journey has given me SO much inspiration over the years. My internal journey is also part of it! During this time, I learned more about leading a holistic lifestyle – And in 2004, I became a professional full-time holistic practitioner and yoga teacher. I want to share the holistic aspects of locing with you and how it has helped me.

I want to keep my tips PRACTICAL too. One thing I know is true for most learning experiences – Theory is great but practical knowledge goes a LONG way.

Check out my YouTube channel. I have created a Freeform Locing Series on my YouTube channel too – This will gradually expand so look out for more. >>Visit My YouTube Channel Here

Special Offer On Now! $8.88

You will receive: My Ebook and an audio meditation





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