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Over the years, I get many emails from my wonderful readers – The majority of them are personal questions related to their locing journey or on holistic health. I have had so many emails that I am now making this a service that you can enjoy.

As a qualified and experienced  holistic therapist and yoga teacher, I love to dive into these topics with my readers and clients. I like to take my time in answering questions and give practical tips that I have learned along my own locing journey and as a holistic practitioner.

I will respond to one question at a time – Energy exchange: US $8 for up to 2 emails related to this question.

If you have a question, feel free to ask. I will answer directly by email within 48 hours, giving tips and suggestions where possible.

With each question, please give as much information as possible. All your details are confidential.

Important: For loc care questions, I suggest that you consult your loctician too. If you have any medical issues, please always consult your doctor as this service is a general guide and it is not intended to replace/give medical treatment advice.

I will answer general questions related to these 3 topics:

  • Tips for your locing journey: General loc care and natural hair care tips.
  • Tips for your meditation or yoga practice: Are you starting a practice and need a simple quick yoga or meditation set to start?
  • Tips for energy healing and the Chakras: Do you have a question about how to unlock or balance one or more of your Chakras?

Examples of popular general questions people ask:

♦ How do I start my freeform locs after ______ months/years of maintaining my locs?

♦ I want to start a meditation practice. Can you give me some tips on how to start?

♦ I want thicker locs as my starter locs are too thin – What can I do?

♦ I want to use natural oils for my face. I have sensitive skin. Which oils can I try?

♦ My ________ Chakra feels blocked – How can I unbock/balance this Chakra?

Let’s start!

Please don;t forget to provide your question and your email in the special instructions section when checking out. Thank you!

US $ 8/Question