Welcome to Holistic Locs

This blog is not just about the locing or natural hair  journey or hair… it is about a holistic lifestyle!

My aim is to share topics and blog posts on things that have inspired me to grow on my holistic journey.

Topics include:

  • Natural hair and locing
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Energy & Our Chakras
  • People who inspire me to explore
  • Natural beauty – Recipes, Tips & Rituals
  • Natural House Care
  • And more!

Who am I? 

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-22-55-30I am a qualified therapist, meditation and Kundalini yoga teacher (since 2004).

This blog has been evolving since 2001 over many different formats and websites. It’s exciting to see that natural hair is such a big movement now and the amount of information out there is amazing!

I want to share my journey and what helps me explore my natural holistic lifestyle – from hair, natural beauty, health and yoga.

How Holistic Locs started…

Back in 2001, I started a website to journal my loc journey… it grew, I grew (on my Self-journey) and then I found my Self expanding it (previously with “Dreadconnection” blog and a Holistic Locing Group, Holistic Locs Part 1)… and now this blog! Phew lol 🙂

I started my own locs in 2001 after making a conscious choice to live a be-you-to-full life… exploring holistic health, enjoying the natural beauty and being guided by Self-creativity. It has been a GREAT journey!

I started my 2nd set of locs as a new spiritual journey began…

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 16.41.26I took my 1st set of locs down 🙂

I took the step to take them down in Aug 2013… Read more about it here!. It made me feel light and happy.

I started my yoga teacher training as a Kundalini yoga teacher. This was the perfect time to start my locs again as an extension of my spiritual practice.

A few months with loose hair and I was ready to start my locs on the same week that my yoga teacher training course began  – Read about how I started my 2nd set of locs here. 🙂

Where am I now on my journey?

Today I live my life doing what I love: I travel, I teach yoga and share my energy therapies with people from around the world. My main base is London and Barcelona.

It’s not always easy – I’ll be the first to say that leading this lifestyle has its huge highs and plunging lows as I grow. Luckily, the holistic community has grown so much over the last 5 years – pretty much like the natural hair movement.

These are exciting times… With all the negativity out there, there is also many positive movements that are helping transform society as we know it now.

This blog is not just about hair… If you’re looking to learn about holistic health and lifestyle, this is where I want to post and hopefully inspire people to expand their own journeys.


3 thoughts on “HOLISTIC LOCS

  1. In a transition in my life and loving me. This blog was very inspiring and helpful in so many ways of truly learning the whole me.


    1. Thank you for sharing, sending positive energy your way!


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