Inner-View: Meet Shaka Lish


Meet Shaka Lish

You’re music and voice is amazing – please tell us what inspired you to start singing?

Thank you! I have always loved the stage and performing since I was a child and was initially interested in being an actress but as soon as I realised I could express myself through music, my voice, through lyrics, I knew I had to pursue it. Everyone loves music – it is the communication of our human experience through a medium of melody, words and rhythm. I feel honoured and blessed to be making music and contributing my part.

Are you working on any current projects that you would like to share with us?

Yes! I have just finished my debut album, which is called Learning To Fly. It took two years to complete and was a labour of love! Dan Axtell, who is an exceptional talent, produced the whole thing and we are just very proud of the songs and really want to share the music and for others to enjoy it. We’ve yet to announce a release date but people can listen to the songs on Soundcloud for the time being.

I have also just finished filming a new music video for a song called Take Your Power, which is likely to be the next single and is also on the album.

Who are your top 3 inspiring influences when growing up?

Donna Summer, Annie Lennox and Aaliyah.

Holistic health seems to be a big part of your life, can you tell us why and what role it plays in your life? And how long have you been interested in the holistic lifestyle?

It definitely is but is something I fell into really. Being a singer you just have to look after your body, as your voice is your instrument, so over the years I’ve explored various different diets and disciplines. It’s only recently that I’ve found what makes sense for my body and spirit. Holistic means the whole – it’s all aspects of your wellbeing, not just the physical. So yoga is my central discipline now, along with a vegetarian diet, some meditation and an ethical, philosophical, spiritual practice that I try to live by. It is a lifestyle that has brought me great peace and healing at a time when I needed it the most. The legacy of yoga is so deep and I’ve experienced its miraculous effects. It’s a lifestyle that continues to challenge and reward me in equal amounts.

This blog also focuses on natural beauty – you are so radiant! Please could you share any hair and skin routines that you use right now? What are your beauty secrets?

Well, thank you! I’ve always believed that beauty does begin from within, so anything that makes you FEEL good, is likely to make you LOOK good. So always do those activities. For me that’s keeping fit, eating well, listening to music, dancing, having a nice home, plenty of rest when I need it and meaningful friendships. I really don’t have any beauty secrets but love being clean and smelling nice, that always makes me feel good. I love perfume, oils, soaps and creams and pretty much everything from Body Shop! I also love Soap and Glory, their body scrub and body butter are amazing! I’ve also had many a fight with my hair over the years but at the moment I just let it be long, wild and free. I do dye it (not so natural!) so conditioner is a must. I can seriously recommend Dark and Lovely Cholesterol Conditioner as it heals a multitude of sins!

If you had any encouraging words to share with anyone who is thinking about exploring singing, holistic health, natural hair/beauty (or anything else!), what would you say to them?

Always follow your heart! There is a quiet voice that speaks to you that loves you more than you know. Listen to it, and follow its guidance. Trust it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you will, but learn and grow from them. Always try, always hope and always have faith. Let the force be with you, let it guide all things that you do and do all things that bring you closer to it. Always be grateful for what you have, sometimes we are more blessed than we recognise.

We are always looking for places to check out around the world – could you share your favourite spots in London that you like?

A friend of mine just introduced me to Tibbits, an amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant in central London. Also, the Life Centre in Notting Hill (or Islington) for all things yoga and health.

Any charity shops, great for books, clothes and even furniture! You never know what little bargain and gem you might find!

Also, some of London’s parks are just beautiful. I live near Gladstone, which is vast and green but I also love Holland Park and Hyde Park.

And recently I had a meeting in Paramount Bar, which has inspirational views of London, well worth checking out.

You can add anything you like too! 

Nothing else to add other than I hope you will all come and listen to my music and keep up to date with my shows and that you all continue the good fight and keep on smiling.


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  1. Nice post with some great pics! Beautiful woman!


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