VIDEO: Self-Love Scalp Massage Meditation

Simple soul-full self-love rituals make all the difference to our energy! I want to share a short scalp meditation with you – Join me!


You are welcome to bring any meditation tools you like or none. I love to set the energy tone for the short meditation – candles, scent and anything that engages my senses always feel so good!

I have used these in the meditation video: Sage stick, Essential oil, Hair Oil & Rose Quartz crystal

For this scalp massage, I also love to do the massage after washing my locs, when they are nearly dry but still damp. You can also do this after spritzing your hair/locs without washing them. If you use hair oils, you can also massage your hair/locs with them before this scalp massage to make sure it is already being absorbed. And if you don’t like hair oils, use what you like to add moisture, even just a quick spritz with water is good!

Let’s Begin!

Journal Inspiration

After any self-care rituals, I love to spend some time writing in my journal. I invite you now to explore through some reflection questions…

Where do I hold stress in my body?

Did I notice any areas of my scalp or neck that felt tight?

How was my breathing pattern? Did it feel heavy/light, deep/shallow, stressed/relaxed…?

How did I feel before and after this scalp massage?

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