Inspiring Interview: Urtema Dolphin ~ The Power Of A Loving Mind

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Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Beckenham, Urtema Dolphin has also lived in Brazil, Colombia and Thailand.Her fascination with indigenous cultures has prompted her to explore many countries on every continent.

Urtema  has run a successful healing practice from her South London home for several years. Trained in Counselling, energy healing and also a qualified anthroposophical teacher, she has a way of blending techniques, traditions and wisdoms from a diverse range of  cultures creating a powerful and unique healing system of her own.She brings this originality and intuition to her workshops creating safe and loving spaces for the exploration and expansion of consciousness.


Urtema holds regular meditation groups and channeling events in London as well as courses focussing on Ascension, upliftment and expansion.She is also a regular contributor at One Spirit Gatherings at The Brix,Sw2 where she channels messages and sounds from her guides’  The Star Council of Light ‘.To prove to Urtema herself the veracity of her channeling, her guides gifted her the recipes for “Goddessences” a range of aura sprays which compliment perfectly all aspects of her work.

Solstices and Equinoxes will generally find her in her spiritual home, Glastonbury, where she holds ceremonies on Glastonbury Tor.

One of Urtemas’ affirmations’ life gets better and better’ is certainly proving true for Urtema.Last year she was asked to hold workshops in Portugal and U.S.A as well as in London and Glastonbury.This year Urtema is taking groups to the Bosnian Pyramids and to the Crystal Caves in Arkansas.

Tune In – Radio Inner-View: 

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