Celebrating The Goddess Within – The 10 Commandments


Celebrating The Goddess Within – The 10 Commandments

1. Every action will stem from positive intention.

2. Trust that your instincts will guide you to the right choice.

3. Acknowledge your right to choose how you live every minute of your life and use it.

4. Avoid any form of negativity as it will drain you.

5. Nourish your inner beauty with knowledge and focus, knowing that you ulitmately explore what is right for you.

6. Celebrate your unique outer beauty, knowing that what makes you special is not what the media dictates. You are a temple, treat it so.

7. Use your gifts to heal the world and spread joy.

8. Enter relationships and friendships that inspire each soul involved to grow further in the chosen journey.

9. Every negative situation has a positive lesson, learn from it and move on.

10. Be gentle with your Self at all times and acknowledge the good parts, not always the focus on the bad.


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