Freeform Locs: 5 Things To Expect When You Start Freeforming

Freeforming is a beautiful journey and choice to make. I get asked many times what to expect. Here are some of my honest tips from my own experiences over the years.

Your locs, your natural hair texture and your experiences will always be unique to you! This is what I love about the natural hair journey… it’s a Self learning process. And all the advice that I give in this blog is always meant to be an inspiration and source of information to the best of my knowledge/experience.


The tips I offer below are just a general guide which I have found true from sharing with many freeform locers and from my own experience. I am hoping that if you might find these insights helpful – especially if you are thinking of starting the freeform locing journey (from the start of your locs journey or if you already have locs). There are so many other factors that might apply here so see what feels right for you!

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5 Things you may experience when you start your freeform locing journey:

🌟 You might find that your locs and hairline start to thicken up…

Generally, this seems to be true for many freeformers. It’s also a good reason why many people choose to freeform. I also notice that many freeform locers experience a change with their hairline as they no longer maintain their roots – I am assuming this could be because this sensitive area no longer has to deal with any maintenance (which might be irritating the issue).

Sometimes, people don’t even know that their hairline was thinning out until they started semi or fully freeforming. This was true for me. With my 2nd set of locs now, I was semi-freeforming and found that the sides of my hairline started to get much thicker when I started fully freeforming this year. I guess it just gives our roots space to breathe and less pressure.

🌟 You might see that your loc pattern changes…

Many people who already have maintained locs and start freeforming experience a change in the pattern of their locs. This is natural – Depending on your natural hair texture, it night change in different ways. Of course, if you are starting your locs in a freeform manner, then this will not apply – your locs will most likely have the same pattern throughout the journey.

🌟 The amount of time and products you need will probably simplify…

This is definitely one of my favourite reasons for freeforming! It just gets so simple… The ultimate wash and go experience. All the products that you may have previously used with your loose hair (if you are starting your freeform locs from day 1) or for maintaining your roots (if you already have locs) probably are no longer needed. All you really need to freeform is a product to clean your locs regularly and to moisturise them.

🌟 Your styling and washing routines might change…

As your locs evolve and you no longer have to plan/take time to maintain your roots, your routines might also simplify and/or change. Everyone’s freeform loc experience will be unique and it’s all about getting to know and explore what works for you. For example: I know many freeformers who started to change their styling options because their locs became thicker. It’s not to say that freeforming will limit you in any way – Instead, it will be a new stage to experiment and have fun!

🌟 You might be approached by people with questions and offers…

People surprise me sometimes! Who made my hair choices anyone else’s business? There have been times when I walked past a hair salon or a random stranger on the street, to find my Self being approached (and literally questioned0 about what I am doing with my locs. Sometimes they offer the phone number of a loctician. This is then followed by the awkward experience of telling them that I *choose* to let my roots grow out like this – The reaction: This person then tries to worm out of their created situation after a long silence and strange look on their face.

I don’t get it… I would never in a million years approach anyone on the street to question their taste in clothing or hair choices – It’s just plain rude. I know people may be looking out for business with their loctician contacts – but it’s not a good start to approach others by insulting their hair first… I mean, c’mon! Would you trust a recommendation with that type of energy anyway?

Yes, not everyone is going to get or approve what you are doing. This also goes for people who are part of the natural hair community. And that’s OK!

I hope this gives you a little insight of things to look out for!


✅ Don’t forget… I have freeform videos on YouTube too!

Yup, I’m doing the YouTube thing now and hoping to share more of my thoughts on my loc journey. Come and join me on my channel… Click the links below and feel free to subscribe and share your journey in the comment sections! ❤️

Holistic Lots On YouTube

Freeform Locs Video Playlist

Happy Exploring!





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