2018: Freeforming, Life Updates & Loc Inspirations

We made it to 2018 – Take a deep breath! Let’s dive into more inspiration for 2018…


I know a lot of us have been going through many things in the last few years…. I am not just talking small things, I’m talking soul shaping things that make all the difference to who we were just a little while ago. Times move fast, lessons hit faster!

How has 2018 been feeling for you so far? The energy of 2018 is deep. Some insights… Emotions may have been high right at the start of 2018 with the Supermoon Cancerian Full MoonThe theme for January 2018 has a lot of reflection work to get out intentions set. 2018 is also a number 2 year in numerology, which calls us to dive into the positive strong aspects of the Divine feminine energy that we all have (balancing up the very masculine energy of 2017).

I certainly have been feeling this ripple effect and it’s called me to approach my life in a new way. A more heart-FULL way! 2017 taught me in so many humbling lessons about how you cannot control everything – There is a deep trust that needs to be a foundation to Self growth. Trust in our Self, the Universe/You-In-Verse (call it whatever label you like – God, Goddess…etc) and trust in the process. Trust that you can also enjoy every stage of the process FULLY. Sometimes, we are so caught up with the end goal and how it is supposed to look like – we then forget to actually enjoy the stages that we need to go through. I am SO guilty of this! The funny thing is, the end goal might actually look nothing like what we thought it would be – or expected. Maybe we even miss the bigger lesson and results by focusing too much on what we expect things to look and feel like. I guess this not only applies to my journey in 2017 – it sums up many years leading up to this moment now.

So, what does this have to do with locing? I know this is mainly a loc journey blog –  But what I am expressing above also applies to my loc journey too. I am always asking my Self: Have I enjoyed my loc journey so far over the years? Have I trusted the process through this 2nd set of locs? Let me share some of my loc and life updates (and plans) for 2018.

Holistic Locs 2018 ~ 5 Loc & Life Plans To Look Out For!

🌟 I am going to start freeforming again…

I have been semi-freeforming, going with the flow for my 2nd set of locs – I feel; the need to freeform again, just like I did with my 1st set of locs (for over 10+years). I want to just let it be again…. just wash when I want and let the roots do their thing.

🌟 More videos and photos…

Yeah, I haven’t been very good with sharing my loc journey through photos. I know many of you have wanted more of this on this blog – Hoping to share more in this way, as well as expand my YouTube Channel (watch now).

🌟 Sharing more about freeforming and holistic health…

Many of you know I love both of these things – I have been working as a holistic therapist and yoga teacher since 2004 and this is very much part of my loc journey. I have also been freeforming with my 1st set of locs for 10+ years – and now starting the journey again from semi to fully freeforming in 2018… It’s like I am revisiting all my previous lessons again. I want to share and mix both of these topics. I hope what IO share this year will inspire more people to explore freeforming and bring holistic health into their daily routines.

🌟 Keeping it real and practical….

These days theory is great but I also realise that what counts even more is how to be PRACTICAL in putting the information into use.  I think this is definitely an area that I would like to work on so more people can take what I share and find a way to use it in their own life.

🌟 Watch out for my new Ebook!

It is finally time to get this baby out into the world! I can’t count how many emails and messages I get with questions on many topics regarding locing (and more specifically, freeforming) – After having many orders with my online meditation course (click here for more info), I thought it makes more sense to expand and do something related to loc care.  Going on the practical side, I think sharing a full-on ebook will help solve this and allow space for more inspirations and insights into the loc journey. Watch this space!


I wish you all a wonderful 2018, may it bring you so much love  ❤️


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