Growing Long Locs: 5 Challenges & Loc Care Tips

My loss have now hit hip length! It got me thinking about some of the challenges (and tips) that have come up since having my long locos again…


Is length everything? Of course it isn’t! I think the main thing is to have HEALTHY locs – Many naturals (including my Self) do enjoy looking at long natural hair and locs. It has also been something that many naturals are inspired to achieve as they go deeper into their natural hair journey.

This is the 2nd time my locs have been this long. My 1st set of locs reached past my bum, before I decided to comb them out. Now, my 2nd set of locs have grown to hip length and I’m reflecting on what I can share about growing healthy long locs.

We all know the positive sides of having long locs. They are a simple and easy way of having length, with minimum effort. Long locs look great (in my opinion) and they can offer a lot of styling options. But what about the challenges that come up? Hmmmm, yes… there a few that keep me wondering if it is time for a trim or not.

What did I learn?

MY LOCS 2018

🌟 Long locs can get in the way…

True story – The day my locs nearly got jammed in the London underground train door. Yes, it happened… After a long day at work, I was rushing to get into the underground train… running across the platform to try and beat the doors closing… Whooosh! I leaped and got into the train just as the door was closing, but my locs nearly didn’t make it as they were still flying behind me! Afterwards, a stranger in front of me on the train had a cheeky smile and said “You were lucky there love!” – A classic example of what I mean.

Another regular issue: The creepy crawly feeling. As locs get longer, you might find your Self freacking out when you think you have a spider running down your back, only to realise that it is a loose loc doing it’s thing!

A classic annoying situation: Dunking locs in your coffee mug and food. This is another annoying thing that happens very regularly…  Maybe I’m weird but I am sure I am not the only locer that has found a long loc wet for no apparent reason … Only to realise that they slipped into my drink (or food – Uhhhggggg!).

I think this applies to any type of long hair – It can get in the way… And I will share more examples below too.

βœ… Loc Care Tips: 

  • Choose styles that feel comfortable for you.
  • Tie up your locs when you are busy doing things at work or on your laptop.
  • Make sure your long locs are away from your food.

🌟 The weight of long locs…

It all depends on the amount of locs you have, thickness etc – Long locs can feel heavy. I personally don’t feel the wright of my locs now, unless I have them tied in a big bun or when they are wet… It doesn’t affect everyone but it can get too much.

If you like to work-out, you will definitely feel it. I have hit a point where my locs are feeling really heavy while I work-out or jog. And it actually has strained my neck after a running session. This is the main thing that keeps me asking if it is time to trim them (who knows!).

βœ… Loc Care Tips: 

  • I find that having long loss in high bun on top of my head much less heavy – Try different styles to see your favourite options.
  • For running, a braid at the back makes all the difference when keeping lots away from my face and without swaying out of control with the weight and movement.

🌟 It takes much more time to clean and dry…

Gone are the days of a quick wash-and-go styles. Longer locs mean that it takes more time to make sure my locs are cleaned properly in the shower, with more time to rinse out the cleaning products – plus, a whole day to air dry. I don’t mind making time to do this during the hotter times of the year, especially as I like to go out and air dry my locs in the sun. But in the Winter, it can feel like my locs take FOREVER to actually get fully dry.

βœ… Loc Care Tips: 

  • Make a beautiful Self care day when cleansing and caring for your locs. If you’re going to spend a whole day doing something (like washing/drying loss), you might as well treat it like a day to beautify and relax. Home spa!
  • Take more time to rinse your locs after you shampoo – This avoids a lot of build-up and dryness.

🌟 More care needed in avoiding loc damage, lint and build-up…

Lint from locs rubbing on clothing and touching surfaces. If I am sitting down, I have become much more cautious about what my locs are touching behind me.

Loose ends getting pulled off and collect lint. This has happened a few times, where I would be doing something and accidentally find that one of my loc ends have been pulled off. It is a horrible feeling seeing the damaged ends. Not to mention that many chair surface or the materials of our own clothing can cause lint issues. This can also happen while sleeping with lots loose and free on the pillow.

Satin pillows are not enough. I used to love just sleeping with my satin pillow and having my locs loose on the pillow. I can’t do this anymore… the length gets in the way when moving around at night! Much more care is needed to protect lots at night too.

βœ… Loc Care Tips: 

  • Make sure you tie your locs up at night with a secure satin cap.
  • Make the most of protective loc styles – Like up-do’s, head wraps and high ponytails.
  • Loc brushing is SO good for keeping long loss lint free.
  • If you have your long locs down, move them away from the back of your chairs and other surfaces.

🌟 Buying more products…

Longer locs = More money buying more of the products you love to use. It makes sense… there is more to take care of, so you might be using up your products quicker than with shorter lcss. I always said that one of the things I love about having locs is that you spend less money as you don’t need that many products (compared to loose natural hair) – But having long locs now can also be a little more pricey. I didn’t think about this until I reached the point again of having to buy 2 boxes (instead of one) of my usual hair dye (I love to dye my locs jet black at the beginning of each season).

βœ… Loc Care Tips: 

  • Bring awareness to how much products you are using and what your locs need – It may change over time.
  • As your locs get longer, think about buying in bulk. For example: I would now buy products in larger quantities that work out cheaper in the long-run, like a bigger bottle of sweet almond oil.


Please share with us? Have you found anything challenging about having longer length loss (compared to when you had shorter length)?



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