Spring & Summer Loc Routine: 5 Changes From My Winter Routine

The transition from the colder to the hotter seasons is a beautiful one! Just like I pack away my Winter clothing at the beginning of Spring, I also notice that there a few things and routines that I pack up for the Spring & Summer months.

As I write this blog post, it is Summer Solstice – woop woop! The sun is feeling amazing after what felt like a very drawn out and long hRSH Winter. There is an amazing buzz in the air and I love how this season means loose fitting flowy dresses and sandals. It also means long days on the beach, hiking in nature and outdoor life. There are many changes that I love seeing as the transition happens between seasons.

The changes in clothing, beauty and loc care items. I am sure everyone can relate to the excitement of packing up old items to embrace new seasonal items for the coming months. Around the early part of Spring, I slowly start to see my usual daily routines transition… And this includes what and how I care for my locs. Let me share the top 5 things that change as I start to enjoy the hotter seasons.


5 Changes In My Loc Care Routine For Spring/Summer:

🌟 Wash or rinse my loss more regularly…

I love the feeling of water on my locs in the heat. I generally wash my locs every week – 10 days max.  During the colder seasons, it really does feel like a chore to wash them because of their length and how long it takes to dry in cold weather. This all changes when the heat is on!

My locs love water when it is hot outside – So, I tend to still clean/shampoo my locs every 7-10 days as usual – but I will rinse my locs much more between cleaning them. This is something I do especially if I have been sweating it outside or through working out. I find that this routine keeps my locs clean and full of moisture, without drying them out with over-cleaning with a product. Generally, at the peak of Summer I will rinse my locs 2-3 times between cleaning/shampoo sessions.

🌟 No more oil…

Oils tend to bake my locs in the sun, leaving that crispy feeling. Natural oils work wonders when it is cold, but the opposite happens when it is hot. It almost feels like it is robbing my locs of moisture, making my locs feel heavy and dry.

The power of natural humectants – This is what I turn to when I want something light and easy to apply to my locs which will leave them feeling moisturised. Natural humectants attract moisture from the air to the applied area (like the skin or hair). It really does work! There are synthetic humectants out there (like silicones) – But I prefer the natural options, which offer many other nourishing properties to keep skin and hair healthy.

My favourite natural humectants are:

🦋 Aloe Vera: This has such a cooling effect and easy to find in shops or in natural form (plant).  It penetrates skin/hair deeply and quickly, hydrating at the surface and at the lower levels. If you are styling your locs, aloe vera is great for keeping hold (like a hair spray). You can use this when you are curling your locs, doing a braid out or twisting your roots. It is natural, light and keeps styles for longer.

How to use: Straight out of the plant or from the shop, applied directly to my locs and scalp.

🦋 Vegetable Glycerine: Glycerine occurs naturally in every living cell so it’s easily absorbed. It holds water really well and it works by finding an equilibrium between the water content in the air and in the skin. Along with the benefits of deep hydration, the texture of glycerin makes it perfect for skin/hair care because it glides on smoothly and evenly.

How to use: In a dark glass spritz bottle (you can find them in most aromatherapy product shops), mix 50% pure water (not tap water) + 50% vegetable glycerine. You can add a few drops of your essential oils to add a fresh scent. Shake bottle well and spritz your locs with this when you need extra moisture.

🦋  Other natural humectants that you can explore: Honey

🌟 I like to dye my locs…

A seasonal routine. I like to dye my locs at the beginning of every season – In a rich black colour. This is a personal choice, I just feel that my locs look healthier and fuller when they are in this colour. I used to lighten my locs in the past and I found that it made my locs look and feel duller than normal.

🌟 More up-do loc styles…

My loss can feel very hot when they are down in the Summer. I try to keep my locs off my face and neck while the heat is on… It can be almost feel very claustrophobic when my locs are down, especially as they get longer. If I do not do an up-do (usually a loose bun), I will usually tie my locs to the side – like a side ponytail. This keep my locs off my back, neck and face.

🌟 Less headwraps…

Headwraps feel too heavy in the heat. I prefer not to have anything covering my locs like head wraps, hats and headbands. I don’t mind them in the beginning of Spring when things still feel fresh, but in the peak of Summer, my head feels like it is going to explode with the heat on my scalp! Cozy and warm for Autumn/Winter, but not so good for me during the late Spring/Summer months.


There you go – Happy Spring/Summer! ❤️


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