Beautiful Dance: Gregory Maqoma

As a mixed race African-Spanish napptural, I am always inspired by the African pre-Essence in Spain (Spain has a loooong history if you read up on it!) – and in Europe (Afro-Europe Blog is a great place!) … I love how art/dance allows us to explore important (and often difficult) questions within Self and society. I came across this beautiful popular dancer while looking at Casa Africa in Spain, 2011…Exploring Africa in a positive way for a change! Enjoy 🙂

And he is currently touring Paris ♥

The starting point of Exit/Exist is the life and fate of Jongum-sobomvu Maqoma, one of the most renowned Xhosa chiefs, born in 1798, arrested while requesting the liberation of Xhosa territories from the English colonists, who died in jail in 1873. Accompanied by music, theatre, songs and video, South-African dancer and choreographer Gregory Maqoma undertakes this journey in quest of his family roots and historical origins.


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