5 Spiritual Lessons For The Loc Journey!

Today, I’m on my 2nd set of locs after locing from 2001-2013, enjoying a few months of long loose hair and returning to locs soon afterwards… It sounds silly but there are some things I’m learning *now* that I didn’t realise/appreciate during my 1st set of locs, even after all those years… In this journey, there are always lessons to learn 🙂

And each lesson below will not just translate into your hair, but into your life!

5 Spiritual Lessons For The Loc Journey…

Appreciate the stage you are in fully!

With my 1st set of locs: When I was going through the baby stage, I was dreaming of moving on to the teenage stage… and yup, when I was there, I was dreaming of the next stage… The same with loc length.

And when I look back now on pics of each stage, back then… I am left wondering why I wanted to move on so fast. Each stage looked amazing!

No matter where you are now, even if it is your 1st day of locing… ENJOY IT! Seriously, don’t rush the process. Stay grounded, love what you have NOW and make the most of it 🙂

Loc envy – Channel it to loc inspiration!

Back in the day, we didn’t have so many pics of locs online… and the ones I saw made me feel some loc envy – I’m just being honest. Now, I am reminded to channel this energy into a positive thing… it’s not ENVY, it’s inspiration… this flow of energy in its Self changes everything, within and for others around you.

You chose to loc your gorgeous natural hair… own it, love it. Embrace what it brings you and what inspiration you might find along the way!

Work with what works for YOU.

Following on from the last point, this means finding out what works for you. The loc routines or hair styles that work for others, might not always work for you – or maybe you need to modify them to suit your thickness, number of locs etc.

What I notice most about the gorgeous locers who OWN their loc style is that they experiment to find the routine/style/products that work for them. And this sometimes does take inspiration from others too.

Bring out the Goddess in your Self!

Locs are feminine… strong, power-full, bold and an expression of who we are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because it’s not true! 🙂

This is an opportunity to explore the female Goddess within… even if you are very much a tom-boy (like me) in many ways. In fact, my locs brought out the most feminine part of SElf, unexpected.

Nourish, nurture, watch them grow, watch your Self grow!

Let it go…

Yes… let it ALL go. Let your true Self be seen. I notice this, especially during the teenage stage (like now!). I’m confronted with how I feel my locs (my beauty) “should” be… only to realise that there is something SO liberating about just letting my Self just GO…

Embrace Freedom 🙂

For an updated version of this post + reflection questions – Click here!


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