Positive Films: Yoga & Diversity ~ People Of Color

One thing that really struck me, especially now that I am at the end of my yoga teacher training, is that there is not enough diversity in the yoga material out there. It kinda doesn’t make sense when it’s supposed to be a wholesome practise of acceptance and diversity to begin with!

So it makes me question all these aspects of real life and its reflection in today’s yoga industry… What role does age, size, race, sexuality and more play in yoga in our modern times?

There is a beautiful series of films on this (see all the videos here) … and exploring this challenging topic.

Intro To This Series:

People Of Colour:


5 thoughts on “Positive Films: Yoga & Diversity ~ People Of Color

      1. Thanks for sharing it. It looks very informative.


  1. I can relate to these lovely women, because there isn’t much diversity in the studio that I practice yoga. In fact, if I remember correctly, I was the ONLY african-american woman present in the room. However, I quickly reminded myself of the purpose of me being there and it wasn’t to social with the other students/members. After watching this video, I do admit that it would be nice to see more diversity in the “world of yoga”, as well as, my local studio. Unfortunately, I have to do a thorough search on google, and drive to studio to studio in order to find more “color and or ethnic” people…… Hopefully, this will soon change….


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