3 Reasons Why I Won’t Take Down My Locs Any Time Soon

I get asked all the time by friends and family: Will you ever take down your locs?

I have had 2 sets of locs since 2001 – With a brief few months of loose natural hair between them. I spent most of my life with natural loose hair before my locing journey. Here are some thoughts…

I wrote a blog post a while back during my teenage stage of my 2nd loc set – Locs Vs Loose Hair? Some Factors That Made Me Decide! I still pretty much stand by what I wrote and why it makes sense for me to keep my locs.

In short – No, I can’t see my Self taking down my locs any time soon. It’s a personal choice and each person will have their own reasons. I just seem to prefer having my locs. Here are some personal reasons…

Some reasons I don’t plan on taking down my locs anytime soon:

I love how I rarely think about my hair anymore…

It’s true – There are days when I literally forget I have hair because I just get up and go about my usual morning/daily routines without much thought about my locs. I sling them up in a ponytail in complete auto-pilot-mode and get on with everything else.

I admit, I am a lazy loc styler… This is probably why I don’t really spend any time thinking about my locs, except when I need to wash them as it takes a whole day to dry. Apart from that, I will occasionally decide to switch it up and do something different – and I like that too!

I like the way I look in locs…

I personally prefer the way I look when I have locs… Some people in my life might not agree lol, but that’s cool! 😃

If I think back to my loose hair days, I used to mainly have my hair tied in protective styles… With the UK weather, I would usually have very dry tangled hair if I had it out in a full afro for too long. With locs, I have the freedom to have my hair out or tied, in any weather! And I prefer the way it looks on me with my hair in locs this way too.

The spiritual expression of my loc journey…

This is a big reason for me. I stopped writing in this blog for a while because, as I mentioned in reason 1, I hardly thought about my locs – I didn’t feel there was much more to share about them or my journey. So, when I recently started writing blog posts again… I started to reflect on where I am right now on my journey. And where my locs fit into it.

My current locs represent my yogi path… I started the 2nd set on the same week that I started my Kundalini yoga teacher training. After many years since 2004 of working as a holistic therapist, I wanted to watch this new journey be expressed in a different physical form…. through my Crown Chakra and what grew out of it. I released the old energy of my last locs and made room for some new foundations to grow my new plants 😃

Right now, a few years on, I am seeing how my locs (once again) have taken on it’s own life through the stages of my spiritual journey and I love that! Each stage reflected where I was on my yoga training path (which lasted around 2 years of training, about the same time my locs slowly matured).

I want to continue watching my locs grow long and wild as I do my best to expand my knowledge of my holistic journey each day and share it with others.

This blog is part of this journey too! I reflected on my writing journey since 2001 (long story and many websites came/went throughout this time)… the times I felt like I wanted to share the most was not when my locs were growing, but because I was the one growing up. Even now, as I return and write this blog post in 2017, I feel inspired on yet another stage of my spiritual path. And my locs just happen to be a small part of this experience too.

I will be sharing much more on holistic health and other aspects of what “Holistic Locs” mean to me... If you enjoy these posts, please join me on Facebook, share and like as I move forward. You can also follow this blog (check the right hand side)to add your email for new blog posts.

As always, I appreciate your support and give thanks! 💛



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