5 Reasons Why Dreadlocks ARE Sexy, Feminine & Beautiful!

Sadly, I have been told that having locs is not beautiful, especially on a woman. Let me tell you why I DON’t agree…

The rise of the Divine feminine is about embracing the AUTHENTIC Self…

You don’t need to be a feminist, womanist or anything else to see that there is a beautiful rise in the Divine feminine around the world – The latest international Women’s March is just a small glimpse of how women are awakening in a much more whole-some way than ever before.

It is during these exciting times that we are all questioning what it means to be a woman in today’s society. And to challenge what no longer serves us.

Part of this is all about being true to your authentic Self… not defined by what society, the media or “the should’s” of what a woman has to be in order to be feminine, sexy and beautiful.

You define your own beauty.

If you choose to wear your locs, that’s very much a part of it too!

Natural hair is a part of who you are…

Sometimes I feel that people forget that our natural hair is something that we were born with! And how we wear our natural hair goes waaaaaaaaaay back… it’s not a fashion statement, it’s part of who we are. And how we choose to wear it, loose or locs, is a choice we should be able to make without feeling like we’re ugly or unaccepted.

I love having natural hair and having them up in locs. It’s how I choose to wear my own hair.

It takes courage as a woman to have locs…

This might be a controversial thing to say – maybe you might not agree. But I think it seems to be more “acceptable” for men to have their hair in locs than women… along with many other things too!

I notice that if I am with a guy who has locs, no one really has much of a comment about them – Yet, when some people see my locs, it can provoke a reaction sometimes. Like it’s their business lol.

How have your observations been in this on your own loc journey?

Regardless of my opinion, having locs as a woman is not really fully accepted in the “main stream” and it does take courage to be your Self and go against the tides – Remember what happened with Zendaya at the Oscars? Classic example.

Just look at how beautiful women with locs are…

Nowadays, you don’t need to go far to see pictures of gorgeous women with locs – My favourite resource is Pinterest for a search or check out my Locs O’ Love Folder & Style-D collection on there.

Nuff said 😃

Being feminine, sexy and feeling beautiful is an internal energy that shines outwards…

Are we forgetting that being feminine, sexy and beautiful is an inside job?

There is nothing more attractive than someone who is comfortable in their own skin, radiating their own inner light. If you feel beautiful, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing and if you have locs or not… people will pick it up.

We are all energy beings and our energy speaks louder than our appearance – Our aura is often what greets people first, well before our physical bodies!

Ever notice the difference when you truly feel good with your Self or when you choose to treat your Self, the energy seems to shift around you?

Let your beautiful locs be expressive of your energy and how you truly feel.

Blossom 🌻


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