Freeform Locs Q&A (YouTube Video): Loc Care & Holistic Lifestyle Tips

I get asked MANY questions over email and Facebook… so I thought it was about time to post my answers on YouTube and on this blog! Here are my top Q&A thoughts…

Yay, I FINALLY got around to making a video on YouTube…

Watch Videos Here – Part 1 & Part 2

Part 1 of the Q&A: Subscribe and share what topics you would like to see…

I gave a few quick and simple answers to some questions in the above video… Let me share more with you. It’s not easy picking out just a few questions, but I decided that I’ll go with a mosh mash of long and short, locos and holistic lifestyle ones… Let’s get started! 💛

☀️ How long have you been natural?

I have been natural practically all of my life, minus 2-3 years during my teenage years when I wanted to experiment with having relaxed hair – All the black girls in my school had a relaxer or braids and I wanted to try it. Soon afterwards, I realised my natural hair felt better for me.

☀️ What made you start losing?

I went through a point in my life in my early teenage years when I was totally obsessed with Bob Marley and the whole Rasta movement (ital living)… I saw lots as a spiritual thing since then and I was slowly changing within my Self too.

My lots always started at a transitional point in my life – The first was in 2001, when I wanted to commit to a natural lifestyle and starting a holistic therapy practice. The 2nd set of locks came in 2013 where I started my holistic journey into being a yoga teacher.

☀️Who inspired you during your early locing journey?

As I mentioned, Bob Marley and his lyrics were a BIG influence… then I started to see more and more women with lots, like Lauryn Hill. Back in those days, before 2001, there wasn’t that many online sources for loc information so I picked up what I could from different places. was the BIG influence that pushed me to enjoy my loving journey… a huge community of natural women that shared and loved their hair on the forums.

☀️ What is your biggest challenge with your locs?

I can’t lie – It was patience, or lack of it! Especially with my 1st set of lots when I had no idea of what I was doing…

Then came this weird process of complete surrender and trust. It was like I had to learn to just LET GO of my expectations. This translated into many things in my life too.

☀️ Any advice for the teenage stage of locing?

Firstly, just take each day at a time and try to enjoy it! So often we want to rush ahead with our “end goal” and we miss the fun in between stages. Get grounded with where you are RIGHT NOW – not just with your loss, but what it is bringing up for you.

Radical Self Love… Hold space for your Self to really nurture who you are. If you are finding this stage tough, ask your Self: Do I still feel beautiful? Be honest with the answer that shows up. It’s ALL good, even if you don’t feel great. It’s just a huge opportunity to re-connect and make time for things, people and places that nurture you.

Create rituals that nourish you fully – What makes you truly FEEL beautiful?

Get back to feeling playful with your style! Another tip is to play with changing your dress sense and Self image… and to enjoy it! Maybe try doing more head wraps and using more cute accessories to brighten up your day.

Do the best you can to take care of your loss, keep them clean and the rest will follow. It will pass. And you might even find your Self wishing for the same length of lots in future too!

I will answer more soon, hope you liked them! ☆


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