Should I Cut My Locs Off? ~ 5 Questions To Ask Your Self First Before Cutting Your Locs

Should I cut my locs off? This is one of those common questions that comes up time and time again – Since having locs (twice) since 2001, let me share some reflection questions that might help you decide!



With my first set of my locs, I was asking this question for a few years before I actually went ahead with it… I really had a lot of time to think, I didn’t want to just jump and regret the decision. After all, the locing process takes time and patience over a long period of time to begin with, so it made sense to me to really be sure that this is what I wanted to do.

It started off with some natural loose hair dreams – I would get random dreams, where I had a big afro and I’m either styling it or feeling my loose natural texture. Then, I would wake up to find that I still had my locs (followed by an awkward emotional confusion) . Was this telling me something? Soon enough, this dream came very frequently. I realise now that I saw my hair dream as a sign that I was in transition again and I needed to discover and release something (I posted links of my journey at the bottom of this blog post if you want to read more about my locs to loose journey).

Your locing experience is YOUR OWN – How and what you do with your hair is a personal choice and you will also have your reasons for thinking that it is now time to cut or comb out your locs.


Time for some Self-reflection…

🌟 Reflection Question 1: WHY do I want to cut my locs off or comb my locs out?

Get clear. If you’re still not clear, maybe it’s not time yet? This is not something you need to rush! I will say that writing a journal is great for this – to release and see what direction you want to head to.

🌟 Reflection Question 2: Am I just bored of having locs?

Maybe one of the reasons you are thinking of releasing your locs is because you are bored of them – You could try experimenting with new things – like styles, hair colour, head wraps, hair jewellery etc… The list is endless!

After speaking to many loced friends who were thinking of cutting their locs, they often told me that all it took was a new routine and style to change their mind. Maybe you could try this first and see f it makes a difference!

🌟 Reflection Question 3:  What will I miss about having locs?

If you are seriously thinking about releasing your locs, maybe you could remind your Self first about what you like about them – and what you might miss about them. Maybe those reasons alone will help you get clear or recognise what you have now – and what is right for you.

For example: I didn’t realise how much time I saved in the morning when I had locs! This simple reason alone was one of the few things that made me return to my 2nd set of locs. You might (or might not) have a good reason why having locs work for you, then it gets easier to see what comes next.

🌟 Reflection Question 4: Will I regret it in a few months time?

This is a good question so that you are prepared BEFORE you do it… Think about what is to come next and if there is even the slightest hint of regret that you think you might feel.

Sometimes we just don’t know until it happens (or not).

🌟 Reflection Question 5: Should I cut or comb out my locs?

If you’ve decided to go ahead and make the change, good for you! The last question will be how you would like to release them.

Cutting your locs is the easy option but it is very possible to comb them out and gain a whole head of hair with it (more patience!).

Let me share some blog posts that you might find useful:

How I Combed Out My Locs Into A Big Afro

Loc Tips: Getting Ready For Taking Down Your Locs

Transitioning From Locs To Loose Hair

🌟 Last thoughts: I want to end this blog post on a positive note, regardless of what your final choice is!

I love how locs mean so many different things to different people. There is no “right” and “wrong”, just different ways of enjoying our natural beauty (with locs or loose hair)!

As a loced friend said to me before I combed out my 1st set of locs: “Don’t worry – Hair grows.” Very true!

Enjoy your natural journey ❤️


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