Growing Locs: 5 Ways Meditation Helped Me On My Loc Journey + Tips

More than ever, holistic health has become a growing industry – Yoga and meditation is especially popular these days. What if I told you it can also help you in your loc journey? Let me share some inspiration and tips…


Unless you’re getting faux locs, going through the whole locing journey is a long-term experience. Even getting crochet locs (or “instant locs”) means that you will need to go through the various stages of locing before they are fully mature.

After having 2 sets of locs since 2001 (with only a few months between each set), I can honestly say that one of the best tools for me to get through some of the challenging aspects of locing (and to fully enjoy the loc experience) was by using meditation. Yes, meditation! 😀

Meditation not just calmed me… it also helped me to bring awareness to many areas which I needed to work on as I went along through the loc stages. Although locs may be part of our physical appearance, there may be many other triggers that can come up – all related to Self love. Meditation is perfect for tuning in to your inner dialogue and working through it.

Stay tuned until the end of this post, where I will share a free guided meditation  for you to try! You might also like to read this blog post on tips for meditation Click here!

5 Ways meditation will inspire you on your loc journey:

Meditation is not just about sitting in a quiet place and saying Ommmmmm lol. Far from it! Although this is one way to meditate, it can also be done and used in other ways that suit us. Meditation and yoga are ultimately about bringing conscious awareness to what comes up – through our thoughts, our body, our actions and our emotions + more. Let me share how meditation inspired and helped me…

🌟 I became more patient with the process…

We all know that patience is probably the number 1 thing you will need to loc your hair. Easier said than done, especially when there are no exact times as to how long locs take to mature – Each person will have their own unique experience and will have mature locs at different times.

Instead of stressing out and getting frustrated with this (especially through the teenage loc stage), I used meditation to remind my Self of positive things. I will be the first to admit that I am TERRIBLE at being patient with anything… During the locing process, I began to realise how bad it was! Plus, in this day and age, we almost expect everything to happen quickly now… it’s the fast pace society that we live in.

What if we remember the positive things about being patient? For example: It makes you humble, it gives you time to reflect, it allows you space to transition (both physically and mentally)… It also helps us appreciate our results more.

✅ Meditation Tip: Pick a positive sentence or affirmation to repeat as you mediate. Do this for 3-5 minutes while you close your eyes and breathe deeply… See how you feel before and afterwards! My favourite affirmation is: “I trust that divine timing will bring me exactly what I need for my journey!”

🌟 I grew to enjoy each stage of the loc journey…

Each loc stage is magical! Even the stage where your locs are going to just want to do their own thing, regardless of your attempts to “tame them”. Meditation gave me the space I needed to just enjoy the present moment fully, instead of looking ahead to how/when my locs would mature and what they would like etc.

Just being here and NOW made a difference, more grounded… isn’t that one of the biggest lessons we get from meditation? It really does work. In the present moment, I began to see how much I loved my locs and how I was changing too.

✅ Meditation Tip: To be focused and guided, I like to meditate with a full length mirror opposite me – with my eyes open this time. Letting my locs loose and observing my reflection. I remind my Self of what I like about my locs right now. If anything challenging comes up, I also acknowledge it with no judgement.

🌟 It helped me to let go…

Locing will mean that you might have to let go of many things... Like letting go of many hair products you used to use before, letting go and adjusting your usual morning routine of getting ready (more time, yay!), letting go of what other people think of what you “should do” with your hair – and so much more!

Shedding and releasing the old gives you room to invite new things. Some of the things you let go of might feel strange at first and it’s OK. We are all attached to many things in our life, often without knowing it until we release them. All this new space is an exciting time for new things to take its place.

But first, we need to get real about what we are attached to that no longer serves us. To move forward, we may need to be brutally honest about old belief systems, old routines and patterns that were part of our daily life. It takes time – but during the locing process, you have plenty of time to work through it as your locs mature!

✅ Meditation Tip: This is more of an active meditation… Instead of sitting down in a quiet space to meditate, you will need to be aware and take mental notes (or write it down in a loc journal) on what comes up that you used to be attached to – and what you could do to replace it. For example: My daily morning routine with loose hair would mean I would spend some time doing it before work. I was (unconsciously) attached to this routine until it was practically gone (especially in the first stages, loc care hardly takes up a few minutes, if any!). So, I replaced this attachment by doing something I loved instead – like yoga or listening to music to get me in the mood for the day – Replace one old attachment with a new one that works for you.

🌟 It helped me to confront my inner fears and appreciate beauty…

Change is often accompanied by fears – We may start to worry about some things… “Am I doing the right thing with my locs?”… “Why do I feel ugly today?”… “What will my friends/family think of my new locs?” etc . It’s natural to feel fear of the unknown when we take any big step in life, especially long-term ones (like locing our hair). Just like the above tip, it’s time to get honest about the attachments AND the fears that come up.

Feeling beautiful – What does that mean to you? One of the most common things new locers complain about during their first stages is that they may have days where they don’t feel beautiful. This is a sign that it is time for radical Self love! ❤️

✅ Meditation Tip: Take a moment to write a list of things, people, places and activities that you really enjoy and make you feel good within. Meditation is also a practice that we do in our daily life – which means it allows us to actively DO these things and tune in to the feelings within. So, write the list and do one of them today! And while you are doing it, enjoy the moment fully and breathe deeply.

🌟 Meditation also has many other health benefits…

Meditation has SO many other benefits to it!  Science is confirming this more and more – And just a few minutes a day can really make a huge difference. If you want to know and the research behind it, read this article!


❤️ Try my meditation now!

Are you ready to begin? Perfect! One of the easiest ways to get started is through guided meditations as they give you something to focus on.  I have put the video of my meditation below for you to try.

EMPATH COURSE FLYER BASICI also have an online guided 7-Day Meditation Course (energy exchange of  $8.88) that you might like! Every day you will receive a guided meditation to do and an energy exercise to explore throughout your day, no matter what your daily routine is like. I like to keep things simple and practical! It is suitable for complete beginners too >> CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

This is one of my favourite meditation to try – Enjoy ❤️


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