Travel Yogi ~ Farm Of Life/Finca De Vida, Costa Rica

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One of the main reasons I felt I had to re-launch this blog was actually because I am going through many different changes within my Self… and a new blog space was the perfect feng-shui-moment to express this 🙂 It may have started as a locing/hair blog, but now the focus for me is about natural living…

Some of you already know I work in the city of London as a complementary/holistic health therapist – I do love it and feel blessed to realise this dream I had for so long!  …And now my inner-calling over the last year has shifted to wanting a much more simpler natural lifestyle, doing/teaching/living yoga and travelling to new places. My itchy feet need adventure!

So, I have been slowly plotting my way to heading in this direction and I am getting all these random syncs that are pointing me in the places I want to explore… When you’re syncing, the energy is right! 🙂 – This could be a simple as being drawn to read a certain book in a library and finding out it had the exact inspiration I needed at that very moment …or to random meetings with people/clients/strangers who share stories… there is always a reason for things, I believe! And the Universe/You-In-Verse has a strange sense of humour lol 🙂

So, on the travel front… Costa Rica is *always* calling out to me in one way or another… And this place is just one of the beautiful holistic spots I am being drawn to visit… and maybe even teach in future 🙂 A place to really connect with nature on so many levels.

Farm Of Life [Website]

I first came across this video which inspired me... super natural living with Amy:

And then the videos kept coming, like these ones! It’s on my map now 🙂


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