Inspiring Words: Nervousness, Anxiety & Fear ~ By Mooji

We are living in a time where life demands a lot of us… to push, to strive forward, to get ahead…  Technology also plays a part in making the pace of things much faster. I think it’s only natural to also be moving at a much quicker pace in our Self… growing, learning, expanding… and sometimes that means getting out of our comfort zone and learning to embrace changes – which can be a huge challenge… It can bring up a lot of emotions ranging from excitement to pure fear of the unknown! Fear, anxiety and nervousness can also come from many other factors.

Last night, I went to a 2-hour Kundalini yoga workshop with leading international yoga teacher Maya Fiennes – the topic was about fear and breaking through it. Perfect timing… the energy of this week’s full moon and eclipse calls for it.

There we were… 50 yogis, working a sweat, singing mantra, using some of the physical techniques designed to work with our energy flow to break through fear 🙂 Power-full (my body is killing me today lol!) – but it brought up a lot of stuff in me. For me, Kundalini yoga always gives me the emotional and physical detox I need!

And when I got home after a longish bus ride, the moon was amazing… those of you who live in the UK know moon-surfing the skies is not easy in our weather lol! I then tuned into another teacher for his words… I saw Mooji live at Satsang a few years ago. Awesome vibes. Again, syncing with my energy right now… tune in with me 🙂


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