7-Day Meditation Challenge ~ Chakra Activation & Awareness


I went to a Kundalini yoga workshop by the awesome Maya Fiennes last week as she is back in the UK – The focus is very much on our Chakra energy system (we use 7 main ones, although there are many more) …the topic was about facing our fears. Power-full!

It made me realise that I haven’t been doing that much meditation work these days… So why not start a 7 day challenge with me? …

Energy flows where your focus goes – by taking a short amount of time each day to explore your Chakra system, we can create more flow… which in turn equals better health (and less stress!) 🙂

You are welcome to start with me this week or any time you find this challenge useful… it’s never too late for a healthy challenge 🙂 

For the next 7 Days… (and beyond if you like!)

Keeping it simple… tune in to this at least once a day with NO distractions, in a quiet space alone. The best time is in the morning or at night. And if you’re on the move and fancy doing a little extra on the move, for $0.90 you can download it!

Journal how you feel before and after each session…. especially which colour(s), chakra(s), thoughts and area(s) of your body you feel/see/sense more or less of… the clue is there (read more about each chakra) – this might be an indication as to which chakras/areas of your life/body you need more work on. This is a lesson in learning to trust what you feel in your body/energy!

Tip: You might like to write:

“Chakra 1,

Chakra 2… etc

…Chakra 7″

on the left hand side as a list, with spaces between and next to each title before your meditation – and on your right hand side of your journal page, next to each chakra number, write down what you felt at the end of your meditation.

Don’t worry if your mind wonders! It’s natural to have random thoughts pop up… let them, watch them! The beauty about guided meditations is that it does help the mind focus on something during the meditation so this is an awesome way to start meditation – but our mind chatter may still show up. Take note of thee thoughts and you may even notice that at the end of this challenge, you find the amount/type of thoughts you have change!

That’s it… Ta-da! Have fun exploring 🙂

Feel free to … ✔Join ✔Like ✔Share our challenge!

Meditation: Chakra Activation Meditation


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