2 Week Fitness Challenge: The Bikini Body Plan

2 Weeks to go to beach time! Here in the UK, any chance of wearing a bikini is usually limited to going abroad to much sunnier shores… and I’m looking forward to heading back to Spain for a few days with my mum and then a few days at the Barcelona Yoga Conference festival atContinue reading “2 Week Fitness Challenge: The Bikini Body Plan”

7-Day Meditation Challenge ~ Chakra Activation & Awareness

I went to a Kundalini yoga workshop by the awesome Maya Fiennes last week as she is back in the UK – The focus is very much on our Chakra energy system (we use 7 main ones, although there are many more) …the topic was about facing our fears. Power-full! It made me realise that I haven’t beenContinue reading “7-Day Meditation Challenge ~ Chakra Activation & Awareness”