Style Inspiration: Moniasse Sessou

“(Some) women aren’t meant to be tamed… They just need to run Free until they find someone just as Wild to run with them.” ~ Candace Bushnell ♥

As with most amazing things in my life, I come across them by pure accident and through sync energy flow… this was one of them. After posting this quote on fb, a friend connected me to Moniasse Sessou. Just like that, this quote matched so beautifully! So, I HAD to know more about this Goddess.

♥ Her spiritual tattoos and scar art

I have seen scar art before – My own father had 2 tribal face scars from his native Nuba/Sudan tribal background, which I found beautiful – so to see it actually being used in today’s spiritual art form was an exciting thing! OK, so some might say it is extreme… but it sure is beautiful 🙂 Read more about her scar art…

“For a wide variety of cultural reasons, even though dark skin is the ancestral home of the scarification artform, it’s rare for modern artists to have the opportunity to work on such skin. Iestyn Flye at London’s Divine Canvas recently had the chance to do a scarification backpiece on his friend Moniasse Sessou, and the result is incredible, easily placing it among the great masterpieces of modern scar art. Some of the design work came Touka Voodoo, the middle portion representing Moniasse’s spiritual path. The design was drawn on freehand, and the main part was done all at once, with the flower being done in a second session. It’s six or seven months old in these amazing photos.”



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