Let’s Get Crystallized!


I am a BIG fan of using crystals to energize my life – I have them in most places I work or live in and wear them. I also think in this busy hectic society, crystals can be used to ground us when we are rushing around and juggling our lives.

More than ever, most people will engage with their upper chakras more during the day – so to get some flow, we need to return to the present moment, stop being in our heads all the time and manifest things with much more ease (and trust) into our physical lives (work, home, people etc)… we all need to be a little more grounded these days – And crystals are perfect for this so…

Let’s Get Crystallized! 🙂

Grounding crystals bring healing and equilibrium to the mind, body, soul and spirit. They also assist us with balancing ourselves and our emotions – with added protection, inner clarity and a sense of being.

Easy tips to use crystals:

  • Wear a ring or pendant daily
  • Use them in your meditations, even to just have them nearby
  • Energize them regularly – by soaking them in sea salt/water or by digging them in the earth for 24 hours
  • Visualise their energy in your life when needed
  • When buying crystals, trust your instincts as to which crystal attracts you
  • Carry them in your purse or bag
  • Energize your home by placing them in personal areas that you spent a lot of time in, like the bedroom or meditation space
  • Use them as hair accessories to work with your Crown chakra (Spiritual Self)

Here are a list of some popular crystals you can use:

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian increases awareness and dispels illusions so that we are able to be more grounded in day-to-day reality. Black Obsidians are excellent grounding crystals.


Hematite is a stone of iron ore and generally presents as black or red. Hematite invokes emotional grounding and balances opposing energies. Hematite assists with focusing the mind and brings peace and balance, enabling one to deal effectively with emotional situations. Hematite dissolves negativity and has powerful balancing qualities making them excellent crystals for grounding.


Onyx provides inner strength in times of emotional turmoil and assist with standing your ground, particularly when personal principles are being threatened or challenged.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz aids with grounding and allows one to see past the material and physical in order to focus upon the spiritual aspects.

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is an excellent crystal for grounding as it resonates with the higher frequencies. Black Kyanite can also be used for attuning the chakras and repairing the aura.

Bloodstone (Heliotrope)

Bloodstone is a form of quartz that often presents as dark green with red flecks through it. Bloodstone is an excellent crystal to use for purification of surroundings and the Self.


Garnet is seen in various colors, although the most common is red. Garnet has stabilizing and balancing effects as it breaks through chaotic emotions, thoughts and surrounding energies, making them very powerful grounding crystals.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper brings tranquillity and wholeness and is an excellent stone to use for protecting oneself as it has gentle calming and grounding effects. Jasper is also a crystal that aids with the completion of projects.


Rubies release blocked energy, clean and clear blocked chakras and offer protection against psychic attack. This makes them excellent crystals for grounding.

Yellow Flourite

Yellow Flourite gives us a sense of inner-peace and enhances mental clarity, and is a powerful crystal for grounding ourselves.

Tigers’ Eye

Tigers’ Eye encourages a positive outlook and attitude and promotes optimism and confidence. This makes Tigers’ Eye a wonderful grounding crystal.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful healing crystals as it releases and regulates energy on the physical and mental dimensions. Clear quartz also cleans, clears and enhances the subtle (or etheric) bodies, making them powerful crystals for grounding.


Citrine dissipates negative energies and promotes inner calm, whilst balancing Yin and Yang. Citrine cleanses the aura and aligns the etheric body with the physical, making Citrine wonderful crystals for grounding.


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