Travelling With Locs (Dreadlocks): 5 Things I Love 💛

Travel is not for everyone but it certainly does teach you a lot about your Self! Since 2001, Here are some things that I love about travelling with lots ✈️

🌟 Minimalist Styling…

Travel light – Do we really need so much stuff?  Travelling is one of those times when I realise that I really don’t need to literally be carrying so much baggage on me. These days I make do with a small cabin luggage that is light and easy to move around with.

You really don’t need much for locs. The main things I would take with me is: A small travel size container of oils (sweet almond oil and lemongrass essential oil), my soft bristle loc brush, a few hair ties, a bar of African black soap. Extras are accessories like a head wrap/scarf and a spritz bottle. Done!

🌟Time Saving…

Doing my hair or spending the same amount of time sitting in the local cafe people watching? I know which one I would choose! When I travel, I’m that annoying travel friend that wakes up early to explore, no lie-ins! For me when I travel, I want to spend as much time as possible soaking everything in.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am super lazy about styling in general – with loose natural hair or locs… Locs seems to be the perfect fit for me because it is already a “style”.

🌟 Finding Connection…

Random beautiful connections… I was waiting for the bathroom in Barlin when I met a lady and we spoke about loss, finishing it off with lunch together. I was with my cousin walking in Amsterdam when another lady came by and smiled at me, apparently she recognised me from a natural hair forum… These are just 2 out of MANY situations when I a connection was made through having lots. It’s an easy ice-breaker and people are curious!

🌟 Spiritual & Cultural Exchanges…

Dreadlocks have meaning in many cultures around the world… In connecting with people from around the world, I love hearing what their experiences are with having lots. And what their culture thinks or values locos.

Hair has a spiritual meaning in many cultures and having dreadlocks often symbolises a spiritual connection. Meeting people and having these exchanges have been so powerful for me. There is something wonderful about just diving into these topics with people you have just met!

🌟 Broken Stereotypes…

YES, there are some annoying stereotypes out there! Questions like – “How do you wash your hair?” – “Do you even wash your hair?” – “Is it real?” – “Do you smoke weed?” – and many more! And there are times when people think I don’t understand their language (like Spanish) and I hear some insults said out loud in front of me…

My reaction to rude comments: I look them dead in the eye and smile.  I refuse to participate in their negativity and ignorance. Instead, I’ll blast them with a smile and it usually makes them feel embarrassed.

My reaction to questions: I take it as an opportunity to tell them more about my loc care. After all, they asked! Maybe they are genuinely curious or if it is from negative intentions, they usually change their tone quickly.

My reactions to comments like: “Hey Rasta!” and Bob Marley hums – I just smile and say “Bless” from the heart. I’m not a Rasta girl but I like to share positive energy whenever it’s present.

There have only been a handful of times that I have experienced this and overall, it hasn’t been a reoccurring issue that has been big enough to stop me from travelling or meeting people from around the world.

In short – I try to react in a positive way. Maybe then people will change or question their own opinions. For the most part, people are just curious and stereotypes are easy assumptions to make. I like to approach every experience as if the person is curious and keep it positive.

Happy travelling!


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