ARTivist: Shantell Martin

Once again, Style Like U brings some awesome creative interviews out… here is one that stood out to me recently… In Shantell’s glowing presence there is a humility and tranquil patience that, combined with her unassailable artistic talent, reveals the magnitude of her life-wisdom and passion to use her art as a lifelong forum forContinue reading “ARTivist: Shantell Martin”


Beautiful Dance: Gregory Maqoma

As a mixed race African-Spanish napptural, I am always inspired by the African pre-Essence in Spain (Spain has a loooong history if you read up on it!) – and in Europe (Afro-Europe Blog is a great place!) … I love how art/dance allows us to explore important (and often difficult) questions within Self and society. IContinue reading “Beautiful Dance: Gregory Maqoma”