Social Experiment Video: “You Can Touch My Hair”

Q: Do you ever get random people coming up to you to touch your natural hair/locs? What would it look like as a social experiment?

These days I get more looks than people touching it, I also don’t have my long locs out anymore as much – but in the early days, it would always happen… I would be on a bus and someone behind me would gently “check out” how these locs feel… grrrrrrrr lol.

So as an experiment, this blogger set up this event in NY – featuring one loose natural, one loc’ed and one relaxed lady each. In an article for The Huffington Post she states:

Black hair is unique. It requires different care techniques and routines. And in a country where we primarily see commercials for white hair products and magazines that mainly cover white beauty topics and TV shows that mainly feature white characters, we, and those curious about us, have to find information about our hair from other sources.

It’s easy to cite the media as the cause for under exposure to the various cultures of America. The media definitely plays a huge role. But another factor is the lack of the right kind of curiosity across the American population.

There is an interest in our hair… it was also interesting to see what would happen 🙂

A: Take a look for your Self…


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