2 Week Fitness Challenge: The Bikini Body Plan

2 Weeks to go to beach time! Here in the UK, any chance of wearing a bikini is usually limited to going abroad to much sunnier shores… and I’m looking forward to heading back to Spain for a few days with my mum and then a few days at the Barcelona Yoga Conference festival at the beginning of July. The thought of wearing a bikini…. uggggh! I’m not hating on my body but I would like to show it off to the best it can be lol 🙂 I’ve been pretty good with my workouts/food this year so far so the next 2 weeks is almost like a confirmation and reminder of what I need to work on. Join me in this challenge if you like!

No starving moments, no long-winded fitness routines involved… just a good healthy balance!


A protein breakfast to start the day!

Protein breakfasts fill us up for longer, helps avoid unhealthy snacking and increases concentration – more info. So, protein pancakes, protein smoothies and beans have been my choice so far but there are many more things I need to explore!

Green smoothies and juices rock!

With juicing and smoothie making, I usually make a large bottle amount the night before, bottle it up in the fridge and then I don’t need to worry about it the next day or wake up too early. I take it to work with me during the day too.

• Protein green smoothies for breakfast – I add organic hemp protein powder for this some recipes to try!

• 2-3 smoothies/juices a day

• Detox juices are on the recipe list – some recipes to try!

Raw food snacking

• For any snacks, I’m working on just eating raw foods – mainly fruits and veg. So any time I am hungry, this is what I will eat. At the moment, I’m loving chunky tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. As with the smoothies/juices, I’ll prepare this the night before so the next day, I can take these snacks to work with me or they are ready to eat with no fuss.

A solid healthy lunch

• I’m keeping it low on carbs and high in vegie rpotein…. I LOVE using all kinds of recipes with beans, tofu, bulgar, quinoa, kale and adding my organic hemp protein where possible. I also try to keep my main meal at least 30-50% raw too… so fresh salads always work a treat on the side 🙂

Soups for dinner

• Soups are easy to make, very filling and low in calories. I pack my soups with as much vegies as I can! Kale always seems to be in all of them too 🙂 I also like to make a “base soup” and just before I am about to eat, I’ll add in the final veggies last into the warm soup so they are fairly raw.

One day a week for a treat!

I think we all deserve a treat and something to look forward to… choose a day for some quality time with your Self and a treat – I’m using my Sunday as a day where I will have my chocolate, relax in my bath and have a glass of wine as my treat 🙂

Beauty Regime

•  Daily skin brushing – Easy to do and the benefits are awesome 🙂

•  Nourishing oils for moisture on skin and body – like sweet almond oil and argan oil.

•  Using anti-cellulite and skin firming natural home-made body oils – recipes to make it using aromatherapy!

•  Daily beauty and health supplements: MSM and flaxseed oil

Fitness Routine

•  Daily HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) – I’m a big fan of this method of training… intense, quick and burns a lot of calories in a shorter space of time… The benefits are great. 12-20 minutes of daily intense interval training is all it takes. Easy to do in the morning or while watching a TV program. And the only thing you really need is an interval timer. A website I go to for daily free workout videos is Daily HIIT. I’ve seen some great results with it so far this year! I’ll be focusing on my core abs, bum and tum 🙂

•  Yoga, 3-5 times a week – Both hot and kundalini yoga are my favourites at the moment. I like yoga because it keeps my muscles lean (especially on my legs)… too much cardio tends to bulk me up lol… trying to keep it lean and flexible… and it just relaxes me.

Ta da! Summer sun, here I come 🙂


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