Loc Care: Freeform Locs ~ Everything You Need To Know!

    CLICK HERE: Check out our video on YouTube Locing is a beautiful experience… I learned SO many lessons on the way, especially patience lol! And when I chose to freeform, I knew this would be the easiest and right option for me. My journey has been interesting – check out my pics throughoutContinue reading “Loc Care: Freeform Locs ~ Everything You Need To Know!”

Loc Care: Brushing Locs ~ How, When & Why!

For as long as I can remember, I have been brushing my locs using a soft bristle brush. I have to do this at least every other day and after a washing session. I do get a lot of practical questions on this topic so I thought it was about time that I posted someContinue reading “Loc Care: Brushing Locs ~ How, When & Why!”

Social Experiment Video: “You Can Touch My Hair”

Q: Do you ever get random people coming up to you to touch your natural hair/locs? What would it look like as a social experiment? These days I get more looks than people touching it, I also don’t have my long locs out anymore as much – but in the early days, it would alwaysContinue reading “Social Experiment Video: “You Can Touch My Hair””

Locs, Spoken Word &Yoga: Meet HawaH

Like most inspiration, I found this through a yogi friend via fb and fell in love with this… The Poetry Of Yoga Book Series brings together many of the top yoga teachers out there, poems from hundreds around the world… just wonderful 🙂 Meet the guy who made it happen… HawaH A beautiful combination of loss, spokenContinue reading “Locs, Spoken Word &Yoga: Meet HawaH”

Positive Vibrations: Blue King Brown

Blue King Brown [Website & Tour Dates] “Hailed by Santana as “The voice of the street and the band of the future!” Blue King Brown, 2011 ARIA nominated artist, is Australia’s premier 8 piece live urban roots crew. Lead by the multi talented, relentless energy of Natalie Pa’apa’a; Powerful vocal & lyrical delivery’s meet a dancehall,Continue reading “Positive Vibrations: Blue King Brown”

Natural Hair Inspiration: Woman Of Strength

I came across this poem years ago at the beginning of my loc journey and it still rings true… if anyone knows the person behind it, please let me know. I thought it would go nicely with these pics… a reflection of God/dess/Universe/Higher connection 🙂 Woman Of Strength A strong woman works out every dayContinue reading “Natural Hair Inspiration: Woman Of Strength”

Music Bites: Tawiah

Oh yeaaaaaah, bank holiday is this weekend in London town and that means we will be going to one of the biggest Urban culture festivals >>> SteetFest… and this beautiful artivist will be there… Check her out 🙂 Born in Battersea and a former member of the Brit School peforming academy in London, Tawiah’s soulContinue reading “Music Bites: Tawiah”

ARTivist: Valerie June Tours UK & Europe

If you have been following this blog, you will KNOW how much this gorgeous lady means to me lol… For 10 years or so, from the days of Bella Sun to now… My super loc/holistic/music idol, all in one. So when I turned on the TV late one night last year… tired, after coming backContinue reading “ARTivist: Valerie June Tours UK & Europe”

2001-2013: My Loc Journey In Pictures

fasst fwd >>> 2013 Hair type: 3C/4A Started at home, Aug 1st 2001 – Braids method 4 trims since, roughly 2-4 inches Freeforming since 2004. Wash and go! Routine: To wash: Wash with a clear shampoo once a week or African black soap. Apple Cider Vinegar rinse before a final water rinse. For moisture: Sweet almondContinue reading “2001-2013: My Loc Journey In Pictures”