Locs, Spoken Word &Yoga: Meet HawaH

Like most inspiration, I found this through a yogi friend via fb and fell in love with this… The Poetry Of Yoga Book Series brings together many of the top yoga teachers out there, poems from hundreds around the world… just wonderful 🙂 Meet the guy who made it happen… HawaH A beautiful combination of loss, spokenContinue reading “Locs, Spoken Word &Yoga: Meet HawaH”


Meet Ava Taylor ~ The Yoga Talent Agent

I have been working in this field for just over 10 years, I knew I wanted to work in holistic health even before then but the information at the time to actually make it a profession was hard to come by. So I took to “interviewing” some therapists to get my own insights – myContinue reading “Meet Ava Taylor ~ The Yoga Talent Agent”

Magic Music: She’s Back… Andreya Triana

This year is turning out to be an awesome one for music and creativity… It’s been a while since we’ve heard from amazing U.K. vocalist Andreya Triana, but she’s back and it’s a beautiful thing! You may remember Andreya on Bonobo’s 2010 album, Black Sands and later in 2010 released “Lost Where I Belong”… … ANDContinue reading “Magic Music: She’s Back… Andreya Triana”

Style Inspiration: Angel Clouthier

“I don’t want to be tied down if a better opportunity arises. I want to be able to pick up and go with two suitcases and be like, ‘okay I’m gone.’” ~Angel Clouthier I know I posted on her a while back, but she is too gorgeous not to post up on again lol… MoreContinue reading “Style Inspiration: Angel Clouthier”

Afrikan Yoga: The Yoga Unapologetic Tour With Pablo Imani – Europe 2013

There are quite a few yoga teachers I would love to do a class with and Pablo Imani happens to be one of them – he is also a friend of my partner and his book is pretty awesome. If you have a chance to catch him on his European tour this summer, please doContinue reading “Afrikan Yoga: The Yoga Unapologetic Tour With Pablo Imani – Europe 2013”

OM Vibes: Soul Kirtan With C.C. White

Meet C.C White [Website] On Itunes “It’s about a true connection, a pure feeling of love that comes from chanting kirtan and mantras. It goes straight to your heart, and resonates so sweetly. Everyone in that sacred space comes together in Love and becomes friends for life. This is the reason why I sing andContinue reading “OM Vibes: Soul Kirtan With C.C. White”

Music Bites: Tawiah

Oh yeaaaaaah, bank holiday is this weekend in London town and that means we will be going to one of the biggest Urban culture festivals >>> SteetFest… and this beautiful artivist will be there… Check her out 🙂 Born in Battersea and a former member of the Brit School peforming academy in London, Tawiah’s soulContinue reading “Music Bites: Tawiah”

ARTivist: Shantell Martin

Once again, Style Like U brings some awesome creative interviews out… here is one that stood out to me recently… In Shantell’s glowing presence there is a humility and tranquil patience that, combined with her unassailable artistic talent, reveals the magnitude of her life-wisdom and passion to use her art as a lifelong forum forContinue reading “ARTivist: Shantell Martin”

ARTivist: Valerie June Tours UK & Europe

If you have been following this blog, you will KNOW how much this gorgeous lady means to me lol… For 10 years or so, from the days of Bella Sun to now… My super loc/holistic/music idol, all in one. So when I turned on the TV late one night last year… tired, after coming backContinue reading “ARTivist: Valerie June Tours UK & Europe”

Inspiring Words: Nervousness, Anxiety & Fear ~ By Mooji

We are living in a time where life demands a lot of us… to push, to strive forward, to get ahead…  Technology also plays a part in making the pace of things much faster. I think it’s only natural to also be moving at a much quicker pace in our Self… growing, learning, expanding… andContinue reading “Inspiring Words: Nervousness, Anxiety & Fear ~ By Mooji”