Positive Films: Utopia

There are many great films coming out on mainstream cinema that reflect the history and issues that people of colour have had to face… and this is one that explores Australia’s past and present attitude towards race and society. Support and share… A must watch I think 🙂 Watch the trailer for Emmy and BaftaContinue reading “Positive Films: Utopia”

Style & Music Inspiration: Sa-Roc

Looking for some loc, music and fashion inspiration? Sa-Roc gives us beautiful creativity in her style and music… check it all out for your Self 🙂 Visit her main website here! 

Actress & Loc Inspiration: Trae Harris @ Newlyweeds

Does she look familiar? It’s probably because you’ve seen her in the Afro-Punk website or from her latest film trailer from the Sun Dance Film Festival: Lyle and Nina are in love—with each other and with getting high, but not necessarily in that order. Wafting through aimless days in New York smoking weed whenever possible,Continue reading “Actress & Loc Inspiration: Trae Harris @ Newlyweeds”

Egyptian Meditation With Siri Rishi Kaur

As some of you know, I’m looking forward to enhancing my holistic work by training as a Kundalini yoga teacher next month for a year… Excited as Kundalini yoga is beautiful and anyone, from all walks of life, can use the tools to connect with Self! I have been inspired by the yogic lifestyle forContinue reading “Egyptian Meditation With Siri Rishi Kaur”

Social Experiment Video: “You Can Touch My Hair”

Q: Do you ever get random people coming up to you to touch your natural hair/locs? What would it look like as a social experiment? These days I get more looks than people touching it, I also don’t have my long locs out anymore as much – but in the early days, it would alwaysContinue reading “Social Experiment Video: “You Can Touch My Hair””

Afrikan Yoga: The Yoga Unapologetic Tour With Pablo Imani – Europe 2013

There are quite a few yoga teachers I would love to do a class with and Pablo Imani happens to be one of them – he is also a friend of my partner and his book is pretty awesome. If you have a chance to catch him on his European tour this summer, please doContinue reading “Afrikan Yoga: The Yoga Unapologetic Tour With Pablo Imani – Europe 2013”

Positive Projects: Africa Yoga Project

Check Out The Africa Yoga Project [Website] The Africa Yoga Project uses the transformative power of yoga to empower communities and change lives. Mission The Africa Yoga Project uses the transformative power of yoga to empower communities and change lives. By inspiring the global yoga community into active service, AYP delivers effective and innovative programsContinue reading “Positive Projects: Africa Yoga Project”

Let’s Talk Love: How To Attract The Right Man ~ Kute Blackson

The timeless question lol 🙂 I saw this comment from one of my friends on fb about this video and it rang SO true to me… Goddess energy is alive 🙂 “So many times I see strong beautiful wonderful sisters still feeling they are incomplete without a guy, still talking & working on how & whereContinue reading “Let’s Talk Love: How To Attract The Right Man ~ Kute Blackson”

Positive Films: Women Of Bhakti

I wanted to share a film that will be screening in London this week – There have been a number of beautiful films in the last few years celebrating women in their spiritual journey (remember the film Yoga Woman?). This film sets us on a journey… 🙂 About Women of Bhakti: It is with deep gratitudeContinue reading “Positive Films: Women Of Bhakti”