So Much More Than Hair: 5 Tips For Radical Self Love

I remember hearing “I Am Not My Hiar” and thinking YES, my hair is part of so much more – An expression of my Self and the bigger picture! It’s about radical Self love on all levels, not just physical.

3 Reasons Why I Won’t Take Down My Locs Any Time Soon

I get asked all the time by friends and family: Will you ever take down your locs? I have had 2 sets of locs since 2001 – With a brief few months of loose natural hair between them. I spent most of my life with natural loose hair before my locing journey. Here are someContinue reading “3 Reasons Why I Won’t Take Down My Locs Any Time Soon”


Loc Care & Spirituality: 5 Life Lessons On Growing Locs

I love having natural hair! Since 2001, I’ve loved my locing experiences as being much more than a physical beauty past of who I am… It has taught me many lessons. Here are some of them!     It’s always beautiful to see women enjoy their natural beauty. It seems natural hair has also becomeContinue reading “Loc Care & Spirituality: 5 Life Lessons On Growing Locs”

Loc Care: Dry Locs? Try These 10 Tips To Bring Them Back To Life!

We have all been there at one point or another… and even after all these years, I need to remind my Self that simple quick tips in a routine make all the difference. I’m talking about dry locs… Or as I like to say: Bringing back life to my plants! lol 🙂 OK, that didn’tContinue reading “Loc Care: Dry Locs? Try These 10 Tips To Bring Them Back To Life!”

5 Spiritual Lessons For The Loc Journey!

Today, I’m on my 2nd set of locs after locing from 2001-2013, enjoying a few months of long loose hair and returning to locs soon afterwards… It sounds silly but there are some things I’m learning *now* that I didn’t realise/appreciate during my 1st set of locs, even after all those years… In this journey,Continue reading “5 Spiritual Lessons For The Loc Journey!”