Our Inner-View With Akua Auset!

I am SO excited, I have been a fan of this lovely lady for a while and she has blessed us with some words of wisdom from her Self journey. Beautiful! ♥

Your favourite inspirational quote:

“Judge not the brother, for there are secrets in his heart you may weep to see.” ~Unknown

How long have you been natural and what/who inspired you?

I began to wear my hair without chemical alteration in 1998. How long is that? 15 years. What inspired me? My straight hair just started to look bad to me. It just lacked something. It wasn’t dynamic. It’s weird. Just one day it didn’t look good to me anymore. It didn’t fit.

Watch her transition from locs to TWA:

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 18.58.33

What is your current hair routine and what are your regular go-to products?

I just recently released my locks after about 11 years so I find that I’m learning how to care and style my hair. Currently I’m wearing a TWA. My hair routine is to deep cleanse and condition once a week (I’ve been liking the results I get from my mayonnaise hair mask). For the most part, if I can’t eat it then I don’t put it on my body. I dampen it daily and add a castor oil & vegetable glycerin mixture on my damp hair then sparingly add a bit of Giovanna Direct Leave-In conditioner. Sometimes I use coconut oil to seal my ends and other times I use Nature’s Blessing hair pomade. It assists my curls with poppin’ and divin’. 😉 Importantly, I dilute my shampoo so that it’s not so drying. I really like Audrey’s Swimmer’s Shampoo to clarify product build-up, the Blue Chamomile Hydrating Shampoo is pretty wonderful as well.

What does “leading a healthy holistic lifestyle” mean to you?

“Leading a healthy holistic lifestyle” at the most basic and fundamental level means that I am conscious that my thought, feelings, actions all have an impact on me and everything around me. It’s being conscious of cause and effect.

Please tell us a little bit about your work and what lead you to this path:

My work as a Celebrity Makeup Artist who specializes in Holistic Beauty, how I serve my clients and community has really evolved in the most exciting ways over the years. I began painting faces in ’89. I entered the entertainment and advertising industry in ’96. Lately I’ve realized that my real gift and purpose is that of transformation. At eight years old, I would eagerly clean and transform my friend’s bedrooms. It’s not always about the vehicle for transforming, but the inner desire for me to experience the process of transformation that I love. Perhaps it’s the experience of solving a problem or creating balance.

Love, beauty and magic have been constant themes in my life from the beginning. To date, I’m very interested in the three hundred and sixty degrees of beauty and how we can be beautiful, literally from our cellular level to how we express ourselves in the most brilliantly, beautifully, benevolently magnetic way. Beauty is a superpower. And it’s not only about the symmetry of our face but how we live and connect with ourselves and others. The people who have that magic and magnetism are operating on levels that have nothing to do with cosmetics. I’m interested in the human being as masterpiece and letting go of anything that obstructs us from being walking art.

Please share a moment in your Self journey that changed you (your views, your work, etc) forever?

As I observed this judgment going on in my head I thought, “How awful am I?”I was beginning a nine-month leadership program. It was the first session and as the speaker of the program walked up to the podium I observed how in my makeup artist/stylist mind, I was making all kinds of assumptions about who she was based on her outfit (an awful two-piece print outfit which was clearly polyester), her hairstyle (it looked over-processed and unhealthy) and her makeup (the foundation shade was off and looked chalky). As I observed this judgment going on in my head I thought how awful am I? Within two minutes of her opening her mouth, I fell in love with this charming woman. She was yummy and fun. I wanted to go wherever she was. She was absolutely magnetic. In that moment, I realized that looks are a very small part of who we be. From that moment, I began to relax a bit on trying so hard to look perfect because the real magic is in WHO WE ARE BEING. That moment changed my life forever.

What advice would you give to anyone who is starting on their natural journey – for both hair and a healthy lifestyle?

The natural journey is a worldview and a rhythm. For me the “natural journey” is being in rhythm with nature and a cooperative citizen of Earth honoring all of the other Earthlings and forms of life on the planet and in the Universe. If you start with that perspective then everything else falls into place. Begin to connect with nature and disconnect from the propaganda all around us. Take the time to connect with the pure positive energy of children and animals. Understand that you are consuming on every level: Through your Spirit, your mind, your emotions, your body. What type of media are you consuming? What energy and vibration of people do you spend your time with? What is the conversation? Is it nourishing consumption? Are you in sync and utilize the rhythm of your internal moon cycle? Do you know when you’re ovulating? How about the food you eat? Is it alive? Is it dead? Do you flip that lipgloss tube around to check out the ingredients? What is the impact of YOUR consumption on the planet and other people? If a million people were doing the same thing is this sustainable after a couple of generations?

What are you working on right now (projects, ideas, etc)?

After seven and a half years of the publishing of my first book: SUPERWOMEN & GODDESSES: Workin’ Your Power & Magic Book One, the audio book version is now available. So I will be re-releasing the book and delving into the day-to-day life of a superwoman and goddess with my community in the form of fun workshops, gatherings, tools, products, etc. I am looking to highlight and showcase beautiful, benevolent, brilliant women. Women who are shining love, beauty and magic on the planet. There is so much great stuff coming. Just stay tuned. We’re gonna blow your mind. Trust.

Your website(s) where we can find you: www.akua-auset.com


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