Let’s Talk Love: How To Attract The Right Man ~ Kute Blackson

The timeless question lol 🙂 I saw this comment from one of my friends on fb about this video and it rang SO true to me… Goddess energy is alive 🙂 “So many times I see strong beautiful wonderful sisters still feeling they are incomplete without a guy, still talking & working on how & whereContinue reading “Let’s Talk Love: How To Attract The Right Man ~ Kute Blackson”


Healthy Living Tips ~ Positive Energy On Your Daily Commute

The tube, train and drive to work everyday… let’s face it, it’s not exactly the most joyous part of the day – especially if you’re fighting your way through crowds/traffic jams of other people trying to get from A to B on time and your personal space is invaded by blank faces and the occasional sweatyContinue reading “Healthy Living Tips ~ Positive Energy On Your Daily Commute”

Positive Films: Women Of Bhakti

I wanted to share a film that will be screening in London this week – There have been a number of beautiful films in the last few years celebrating women in their spiritual journey (remember the film Yoga Woman?). This film sets us on a journey… 🙂 About Women of Bhakti: It is with deep gratitudeContinue reading “Positive Films: Women Of Bhakti”

Daily OM ~ 3 Ancestral Healing Meditations To Try!

  You are unique. Reflect on that sentence – Isn’t that such a wonderful thought? As unique individuals, we have the power to contribute to the world and Universe/You-In-Verse in a special way – with our own experiences and inner influences. As unique individuals, we are a product of a long line of beautiful peopleContinue reading “Daily OM ~ 3 Ancestral Healing Meditations To Try!”

Self Healing Meditation For New Beginnings

New beginnings always remind me of the game we used to play in the younger years where we would put our hand in a bag and never know what will pop out! It brings out the best and worst in us, challenging the Self to do things that maybe we had never experienced before. ItContinue reading “Self Healing Meditation For New Beginnings”

Celebrating The Goddess Within – The 10 Commandments

Celebrating The Goddess Within – The 10 Commandments 1. Every action will stem from positive intention. 2. Trust that your instincts will guide you to the right choice. 3. Acknowledge your right to choose how you live every minute of your life and use it. 4. Avoid any form of negativity as it will drainContinue reading “Celebrating The Goddess Within – The 10 Commandments”