No matter what stage of the loc journey you are on, sleeping with your locs is part of the loc routine too!

OPTIONAL – Moisturise and brush locs

Sleep as a sacred part of our life – This is how I love to approach my sleep time! How do you approach your bedtime? Do you have a healthy sleeping routine? How can you make sleep part of your daily Self-love rituals? Do you have a dream journal? How do you release any stress from your day? These are all things I love to include as part of my sleep routine.

I LOVE to use this time at night to relax, unwind and use my locs as part of my Self care routine. For this, I usually spritz my locs with water/essential oil mix so that there is just enough moisture in my locs to absorb it quickly (not wet, just enough to have a bit of light dampness). Then I will use this time to brush my locs and allow the moisture to be distributed all over my locs, to be absorbed fully and to feel my locs being “fluffed up”. My locs have plenty of time after this step to stay moisturised for tomorrow.

If you are still at the baby stage or early teenage stage, avoid the brushing part. At these stages, your locs are still very delicate so do not disturb them too much with moisture and brushing. If your locs are already mature or do not unravel (late-teenage stage), then adding moisture and brushing can work.

Try doing a scalp massage or adding anything else into your Self care routine – A 15-minute scalp massage meditation at the end of the day can do wonders for our sleep! We hold a lot of stress around our headspace so this can ease off any tension we are holding on to and set the energy for peaceful sleep.

Depending on your locs length, you can bunch them together in a way that feels comfortable.

Set your locs for sleep – If your locs are short, this may not be needed. If your locs are long enough for a ponytail, you can do this or have a loose pineapple on top if you prefer. Do whatever feels comfortable for you to sleep in and organise your locs. Also, do not tie your locs too tight – This should be loose so that you do not put any stress or pressure on your hairline areas.

This is a great time to set your locs for tomorrow’s styling – If you have a plan to style your locs for tomorrow, then you can arrange your locs in place overnight. For example, maybe you want to have your root hairs flattened or parted in a certain way (side part etc)… then you can part your locs in a way that sets your loc style. If you are doing your root maintenance routine (like twisting your locs), then you can do it at this time too.

OPTION 1 – Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Choosing materials that do not dry out your locs is key! This is why satin is a firm favourite with locs and natural hair people when it comes to using anything to protect our hair.

Some people find caps really uncomfortable to sleep in – And that is fine! If it gets in the way of you having a good night’s rest, then this is an alternative. Invest in good quality satin pillowcases and change them often.

OPTION 2 – Cover your locs with a satin-lined sleep cap

Make your own or buy one – There are SO many online shops that sell them now so this is a good investment if you find that it is comfortable for you. Choose a style that works for your loc length and comfort for sleep.

Again, keep your loc caps clean and change them often – This can avoid many other issues like getting spots on your forehead or around the hairline when your cap is not clean!

OPTION 3 – Make your own locs cap using a pair of thick silky pantyhose (tights or leggings)

Yes, you heard it right! This is what I have been doing for many years… I simply buy a pair of new silky thick and stretchy pantyhose – Cut off the main part of the legs (leaving them to look like shorts) – Then I will tie the 2 ends of the legs together. And that is all it takes!

Again, I try to use silky materials that will not dry out my locs or cause lint etc. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to create a cap that fits. Even with longer locs, it fits and adapts to my locs as needed.

In the morning… Fresh healthy locs – Ready for the day ahead!

The beauty about locs is that it is a time-saving get-up-and-go way of having our natural hair! This is one of the many reasons I have been wearing locs for over 2 decades now! The morning is perfect for some more Self care routines (meditation, gratitude journal etc) and styling for the day in any way we enjoy – And then we are all set to go!

Have a beautiful day!


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