NEW! Holistic Locs Planner & Journal

The perfect way to track your loc journey + Your body, mind and soul exploration!

Creating and holding space for our own reflection work and routines/rituals. One thing I LOVE about the natural hair and loc journey is that it can reveal so much – And it has allowed me space to explore my Self through getting to know my natural hair and my body-mind-soul. Self-love and Self-care are a big part of the process. This is why I wanted to create a planner that would put all of these elements together for you to enjoy!

28-Page PDF Journal

Ready to download and print

We have 2 main sections: The 1st section is for the loc journey and the 2nd section is for the body-mind-soul.

For planning and tracking your loc journey –  Here are some of the pages:

  • Your personal loc profile
  • Your loctician appointments
  • Product reviews and your experience
  • Weekly and daily  loc care and routine
  • DIY loc and beauty products that you enjoy making
  • Loc wash day calender
  • + More

For planning and tracking your body, mind and soul journey –  Here are some of the pages:

  • Your personal body, mind and soul routines
  • Weekly journal and goal setting
  • Skincare routines
  • Meditation  planner
  • Sleep and mood calendar
  • Exercise calendar
  • Food and meal planner
  • Vitamins and supplements planner
  • + More

Buy and download straight away. Print out as many pages as you like and choose the pages that suit your journey!


US$ 10.66

For more information and to order:


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